4 Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts For Your Foodie Partner

It's already ‘Chocolate Day’ today, meaning Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Couples around the world are making the most of this vibe of love and romance. But what’s probably worrying some of them this Valentine’s week is about how to make their significant other feel special. 

From finding the best red roses on ‘Rose Day’ to delving deep into their partner’s heart to find their secret desire and get a gift of their choice, we know the hustle that couples go through. However, if your partner is also a foodie at heart like us, you know that nothing can please him/her/them more than some delectable goodies. After all, food is the way to their heart. So, to make your job easier, we are here with some unique gifting ideas for your foodie partner. Check them out:

1. Embellished Choco Mason Jars With Hidden Messages

This is one of the most unique ways to surprise your partner, more so if they are a chocolate aficionado. Find a mason jar online and fill it with your partner’s favourite chocolates. Write cute little notes on paper rolls and put them inside the jar for your partner to read.

2. Personalised Box Of Brownies

A personalised box of brownies is always better than anything else in the world. The gooey delights with cute texts on them will surely brighten up your partner’s day. Pack a box of nine brownies and write short and cute texts on them. We are sure this will make your partner feel butterflies in their tummies


3. Cook Them A Hearty Meal

One can never go wrong with cooking one’s favourite meal. Surprise your partner with a pre-cooked meal after a hectic day at work. You can amp things up with some drinks and plan a surprise date too. Here are some date night ideas just for you. 

4. Set Up A Live Cooking Station

If you are still staying indoors due to the pandemic, setting up a live cooking station and cooking your partner’s favourite meal while they snuggle on the couch is one of the best options. You can cook delicacies of their favourite cuisine and present them with them.

Do try these gifting ideas and let us know how your partner loved them.