4 Scrumptious Indo-Chinese Appetizers For New Year’s Party

It honestly feels surreal seeing how quickly 2021 has come to an end. We're standing right at the edge of this strange year and are about to start a whole new chapter of life. Some of us might have faced a couple of ups and downs, but again that’s just part and parcel of life. Now, it’s time we bid adieu this year and welcome the upcoming one with utmost happiness and joy. Get ready to feel thrilled about the new year as we are almost about to step into 2022. Experiencing a fresh beginning and a brighter journey is what a new year is all about. Some of us might feel that what if the next year turns out to be just as disastrous as this year but let’s hope not. We'll always have your back no matter what. Luckily, you are going to get extra tempted as we have gathered a few scrumptious Indo-Chinese appetizers that will make your heart flutter with absolute delight. Here are four palatable Indo-Chinese starters you need to try. Indulge in these super-duper starts at least once before the year ends.

1. Indo Chinese Twist Penne Pasta

Devour a plate full of this penne pasta that’s perfectly creamy and replete with rich flavours. 

2. Chicken lollipop 

Kick-start your house party by serving your guests some chicken lollipops and sauce for accompaniment. Believe us, these chicken lollipops are finger-lickin' good so try them out. 

3. Manchow soup 

On a chilly night, a comforting bowl of soup can save the day. This hot and spicy man chow soup will keep your tummy satisfied with its piquant flavours.

4. Indo-Chinese Prawn Starters

Bite-sized prawns marinated well with seasonings and wrapped around crispy Chinese crepes. Your party will be a blast because these prawn starters are the ultimate crowd-pleaser. 

We wish you a thrilled New Year and a lifetime of happiness. Enjoy getting hooked on our yummy appetizers.