4 Easy Nacho Snacks For A Perfect Game Night At Home
Image Credit: Image: Pexel

Think of a game night with friends, and the first thing that probably comes to your mind while planning the menu is some sort of finger food that is easy, crispy and delicious. And if you are fond of Tex-Mex cuisine, we know nachos are sure to be the first thing on your mind. A snack that is perfect for everything - be it a movie night, game night or simply to munch on during the day at home. 

Nachos are crunchy and bright nibbles, which are basically heated tortilla chips. Too hard to resist, one can easily get a packet of nacho chips from the market, that too in different flavours. And while we love to enjoy nachos as is, perhaps along with a salsa or sour cream dip, did you know that you can make a variety of delicacies with it too? Yes, that plate of nachos loaded with cheese sauce, tangy dips and other mouth-watering toppings from your favourite restaurant can be made at home as well. But that’s not all. There are many unique and interesting nachos recipes that you can experiment with, all in the comfort of your home. Just the mere thought of it made you slurp, didn’t it?  

Think of baked or barbecue nachos, nacho lasagna and so many such delicacies that are sure to leave you drooling. Here are a few popular nacho-based recipes that you must try. 

1. Grilled Nachos 

Melted cheese on top, crispy chips below, what’s not to like in this heavenly version of nachos? The mouth-watering BBQ sauce coated cooked chopped chicken on top gives a delicious spin which is hard to resist. Now, isn’t this a perfect snack to munch on while enjoying your favourite game or movie with friends and family? 

2. Sheet Pan Nachos 

There couldn’t be an easier nacho recipe to whip up than Sheet Pan Nachos. These cheesy, ground-meat loaded crunchy nachos bring an ideal mix of ingredients with traditional nachos combined with a tasty southern spin. You can go for a vegetarian alternative as well. The traditional Tex-Mex flavours - such as cumin and chilli powder - layered with tortilla chips, beans and cheese make for a delicious treat. The vibrant addition of radish slices, the salty crunch of chips, the smooth creaminess of avocado, and the ground meat will tame any hungry crowd. 

3. Nacho Lasagna 

A lasagna with cooked juicy meat, tangy tomatoes and jalapenos, oodles of shredded cheese and a layer of crispy tortilla chips sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, you can make it at home easily. Baked to perfection, nacho lasagna is just what you need for your binge on a fun night with friends.  

4. Irish Nachos 

Adding a fun twist to your typical nacho platter, Irish nachos are made with fresh-cut potatoes, stout-flavoured cheese and green salsa, bringing together American flavours with the taste of an Irish pub, with the addition of stout beer. An indulgent snack for a small party, Irish nachos are quite easy to make, wherein the potatoes are deep-fried until crispy and golden. Rosemary and thyme salt blend, bacon crumbles, sour cream, green salsa, scallions, and cilantro finish it off like nothing else.