4 Decadent Combos For An Authentic South Indian Idli Breakfast

As soon as I sense that my mom is making idlis for breakfast, I jump out of my bed as fast as I can just to not miss out on the soft and spongy delights with their better half. The steamed rice cakes are perfect to be savoured for breakfast. Personally speaking, idlis are the best breakfast in terms of taste and nutrition. They are filling, wholesome and delicious, and are often paired with sambar or chutney. However, one definitely needs a change and this fact applies to food too. So, if you are looking for dishes to pair with soft idlis, here are a few options you can try. 

1. Podi-Idli
A South Indian classic, Podi and Idli is the best example of the indulgent combination of spicy and savoury. The soft and spongy idlis are coated with the spicy and delicious podi. This combo is ageless; the spice mix is rich, pungent and hot, and pairs well with the idlis. 

2. Idli Sambar Chutney
The ‘holy trinity’ of South Indian cuisine, Idli, sambar and chutney are a delight to savour together. The spongy idlis, tangy and spicy sambar along with the tempting chutney is perfect to relish. 

3. Idli And Pachadi
The cousin of coconut chutney, Pachadi is made with similar ingredients and is as delicious as chutney. Cucumber Pachadi is refreshing, delicious and subtly tasting and is perfect to pair with piping hot and spongy idlis. It is made with curd, coconut, cucumber and mustard paste. 

4. Idli And Nadan Kala Erachhi
Nadan Kala Erachhi, popularly known as Kerala beef curry is spicy, delicious and drool-worthy. The subtly tasting, soft and spongy idlis pair perfectly with the spicy gravy and are enough to satiate your soul, palate and heart. The spices, ghee and succulent beef in the curry are perfect to leave you asking for more. 

Try these combos at home and relish an authentic South Indian breakfast.