Picture Of Egg Is The Most Liked Picture Of Instagram. Let That Sink In

You know how social media gives you recaps of your old moments of the past. Take, Snapchat for instance. I love how they update you with what happened on this particular day two or three years ago by sharing a snap memory that you clicked on that day. Not only does it make you nostalgic, but also makes you realise how far you’ve come. Something along those lines happened when the official handle of Guinness Book of World Records shared a picture of an egg on Twitter. While for some, this may hold no significance and you may even go on to say, “So what? It’s just an egg!”. But for those who’ve been in touch with social media for the past two years, this is indeed a sort of recap. 

                Source: Guinness World Records/Twitter 

Kylie Jenner, a reality TV star has been known for her extravagant lifestyle choices and unusual life happenings. When she gave birth to her first child in her early twenties, it created a rage on the Internet. The picture of her baby girl Stormi broke all records on the photo-sharing app, Instagram by garnering about 18 million likes in February 2018. A year later, an account which goes by the name, @world_record_egg on Instagram, shared the picture of a brown egg in January. The caption read, “Let’s set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)! We got this”. Here take a look. 

Source: World Record Egg/Instagram 

To everyone’s surprise, the page actually succeeded in their challenge and managed to surpass the 18 million mark in just four days. The page also got verified after creating such a buzz on the Internet. 

The Guinness Book of World Records’ recent tweet about the same egg reminded us that this egg picture still continues to reign as the most liked picture on Instagram even after three years. Today, the post stands at 55.5 million likes, keeping its top position intact. The interesting bit is that since then, the account hasn’t posted any picture and this egg remains the only thing you can see on their feed. Despite no posts, the account has managed to gain about 4.8 million followers over time. 

What makes a simple egg a record-breaking picture is something that remains a mystery to this day. However, if you’re up for eggs this weekend, we’ve got some interesting breakfast recipes that you may want to try. 

1.  Mexican Breakfast Eggs 

Eggs dunked in warm tortillas and spruced up with a host of veggies and spices is the lazy weekend breakfast that you’ve been looking for. Also known as Huevos Rancheros, the vegetables are finely chopped and cheddar cheese is grated above it all to be baked to perfection. The runny egg yolk breaks through from the cheese pull. 

2.  Sriracha Breakfast Eggs 

With a tangy and spicy Sriracha sauce, you can be rest assured that your breakfast is surely going to fire up your entire day. The sriracha-flavoured baked beans are added to the pan alongside black olives and roasted tomatoes to poach the eggs on it. 

3.  Breakfast Eggs In Foil Bowls 

Eggs are dunked with milk, vegetables like bell peppers, tomatoes and onions as well as spices like cloves, pepper and garlic powder. All this is mixed together with pieces of cooked bacon and sausages in it. This is then covered with a layer of cheddar cheese and baked in the oven till you see the golden marks. 

4.  Bacon Deviled Eggs 

This is a lip-smacking take on deviled egg. The hard-boiled eggs are peeled and sliced into two halves. Each of the halves is finished off with some mustard sauce, pickles and sliced bacon. These fillings add a layer of flavour to the otherwise simple boiled eggs. 

5.  Baked Eggs In Bread Baskets 

Why have your boring omlette bread combinations every day? Weekend is the time to experiment and try something new. These baked eggs and bread baskets combine the two in a unique way. Take some whole-grain buns or rolls. Hollow them out and add your eggs mixture to it. Melted butter and cream is added to the same and then baked in the oven. Your filling, wholesome and tasty breakfast is ready to be devoured for breakfast or brunch.