3 Delicious One-Pot Meals You Must Try At Home
Image Credit: One pot chicken

Lazy, one-pot meal recipes buy you a lot of time and deliver a rich taste. Prepare these to serve dishes in a much less time and spend more time playing with the kids. Create new recipe ideas by cooking randomly from whatever is in your kitchen. Let’s enjoy the leisure time with one-pot delicacies giving ourselves a much needed me-time. Look no further, here are a few quick recipes to try.

1. One-Pot Veggie Curry 

A bowl full of healthy vegetables with creamy soup is a great summer recipe. It is a simple and comforting, no frill recipe. Hearty, delicious, filling and vibrant bowl of bright colours and health benefits.


1. Cilantro

2. Cumin seeds

3. Garlic

4. Chillies 

5. Shallots

6. Lime leaves 

7. Lemon grass

8. Olive oil 

9. Ginger

10. Onion 

11. Tofu

12. Fish sauce

13. Bok choy

14. Coconut milk

15. Sweet potato

16. Red bell paper

17. Zucchini

18. Carrot

19. Green beans

20. Sweet potato

21. Salt and black pepper


1. In a mixer-grinder, put sliced ginger, onion, green chillies, shallot, lemon grass, fresh cilantro, cumin seeds, diced garlic and add a little bit of olive oil. Blend well to form a thick green paste.

2. For the soup, take a pan and add oil. Heat over the medium flame.

3. Put sliced onions, add salt and black pepper. Stir until golden fry. 

4. Add the green paste and coconut milk. Mix well.

5. Put all the veggies – carrots, sweet potatoes, lemon grass, red bell paper, green beans, zucchini and tofu and fish sauce, followed by bok choy.

6. Let cook for 10 min. 

7. Garnish with fresh cilantro and serve hot. 

One pot veggie curry

Guess what time it is ? It is food ‘O’ clock. This chicken and mushroom skillet is an easy flavourful lemon recipe. This is another chock full of protein. 


1. Whole chicken

2. Olive oil

3. Vegetable stock

4. Miso paste

5. Lemons

6. Ginger

7. Mushrooms

8. Thyme

9. Bay leaves

10. Chilli pepper

11. Garlic


1. Season the whole chicken with salt and black pepper. 

2. In a pot add some oil and place the chicken. Cook until golden and crispy.

3. Remove the chicken. 

4. Add in the pot, garlic, ginger, lemon strips and chilli pepper. Stir fry for 5 min.

5. Add in the mushrooms, bay leaves, thyme, miso paste, and vegetable stalk. 

6. Now put the whole chicken in the pot.

7. Put the pot in the preheated oven to 180 C for 20 minutes.

8. Take out the chicken and serve hot.

3. One-Pot Italian Soup

Just throw all the ingredients in a pot and relish with a spoon. The easy Italian vegetable soup is budget friendly, meal prep ready. A bowl full of health and  taste.


1. Tomato paste

2. Tomato

3. Vegetable stock

4. Olive oil

5. Thyme

6. Celery

7. Bay leaves

8. Garlic

9. Soaked Grains

10. Onion

11. Zucchini

12. Fennel seeds

13. Carrot

14. Parmesan cheese

15. Chilli pepper


1. In a pan, pour the oil and add onions, garlic, chillies and celery. Add salt and pepper. Cook until tender and translucent.

2. Add Fennel seeds, bay leaves, thyme and tomato paste. Cook for 5-6 min.

3. Now put in the sliced tomatoes and vegetable stock,

4. Add zucchini, carrots, and the soaked grains. Cook until tender, or for 10 min.

5. Turn off the heat. Add grated parmesan cheese .

6. Garnish with fresh basil.

7. Serve hot.