10 Most Finger-Licking Pickles Of India
Image Credit: unsplash

Pickles are an intrinsic part of most Indian meals. The tangy punch that they give to our taste buds is what makes them a great accompaniment. Indian pickles are the blend of spices and flavours that the world is unaccustomed to. The specialty of these Indian condiments is that it serves a variety of tastes, including hot, sour, salty or sweet. Pickles in India are mainly preserved in salt, vinegar and oil. Oil is a commonly-used ingredient for pickling vegetables. Pickles don’t need refrigeration and are ideal for long-distance journeys. 

Every state in India has several unique varieties of pickles that spruce up the meal with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Here is a list of 10 most popular pickles of India

1. Mango Pickle: 

India’s favorite ‘Aam ka Achar’ is packed with the goodness of raw mangoes. This pickle is also an excellent source of antioxidants. Mango pickles are available in two varieties. One has a tangy and spicy flavour and the other is sweet. Made with raw mangoes dried in the sun, along with spices, it is a delightful treat. Another variety is the sweet pickle. Raw mangoes are sliced into small pieces and are mixed with red chilli and cumin to make the tasty pickle. Every region has their own way of pickling mangoes. 

2. Mixed Pickle: 

Another famous pickle in India is mixed pickle, a perfect blend of a variety of fruits, vegetables and spices. It has a tangier and more special flavour because of the use of mustard oil. They also retain the crunch even after several months. Mixed vegetable pickle makes a good combination for roti, paratha along with curd rice. Preparing mixed pickles in winter is a tradition in many Indian families as they get fresh and various varieties of vegetables in this season. 

3. Lemon Pickle: 

This sweet, tangy, and spicy flavoured pickle can enhance any plain meal. It is commonly known as nimbu ka achar’. In many parts of the country, roasted mustard seeds are also used in lemon pickles to make it more flavorful. Apart from being rich in Vitamin C and iron, lemon pickle is also improves digestion. Nimbu Achar is a perfect mixture of sweet and tangy tastes. 

4. Chilli Pickle: 

Indians love adding spice in their food, this gave a way to chilli pickle in every household. Due to the hot and spicy flavour, chilli pickles one of the most celebrated pickles of India. Pickles are made with both green and red chilli. Green chilli pickles are beneficial for those who want to lose weight. It’s just made by mixing green chillies, spices in mustard oil. This blend makes this pickle a healthy option. 

The another one is the spiciest of all, the red chilli pickle. Prepared from fresh red chillies, cottonseed oil and various spices, it is super-hot and spicy. 

5. Gunda Pickle: 

Mostly found in western India, Gunda or gum berry is a sticky, chewy and tangy fruit, that has been used for pickling since ages. This pickle is sour and spicy in taste and provides delicious flavour. It has huge popularity in Gujarat and Rajasthan as it complements their cuisine. 

6. Amla Pickle: 

Amla Murabba is not just a pickle, it's an emotion. It is an effective cure for stomach and digestive disorders. It is prepared from Indian gooseberry. Amla being rich in Vitamin C, also helps to eliminate acidity and gas troubles.  

7. Kolhapuri Thecha: 

It is a chutney-pickle from Maharashtra, which is capable of making your body sweat and tongue swell with its hot flavour. It has earned the dignity of being the spiciest pickle sauce in the South-West region of India. Packed with the spiciness of Kolhapuri red chillies and a crunch of peanuts, salt, garlic and hing, it goes well with bhakri, rice, dal, roti and even dosa.  Thecha can be stored for months in pickle jars or air tight containers. 

8. Gajar-Gobi- Shalgam ka Achar: 

This pickle is made annually in many households, especially across the northern parts of the country. Carrots, turnips, cauliflowers, jaggery, powdered mustard, red chillies, are the main ingredients one needs to prepare this pickle. It can be stored for up to a year in sterilized jars.

 9. Pachranga: 

This mixture of vegetables and fruits is something that one cannot afford to miss. It is a combination of raw mango, lotus stem, chickpeas, karonda, amla or carrots. The pickle is stored in sterilized jars and topped with extra oil to soak the ingredients. This pickle can be stored for more than one year. It goes well with lachha paratha, aloo or even methi paratha. 

10. Non- Veg Pickles: 

Recently the non- veg pickles have gained a huge popularity across India. Every state in the country have their own ingredient and recipe of non- veg pickles. Like pork pickle is very popular in northeastern sates and Andhra chicken pickle can make you eat your fingers. Punjab has invented their own spicy Murg Achar and Mangalorean Bombil makes a perfect starter. And the list goes on.

Indian pickles differ in taste and flavour from region to region. South Indian mango pickle tastes completely different from north Indian mango pickle because south Indian pickles are made with sesame oil while mustard oil is preferred in northern states. Just like that every pickle has unique taste and flavour that can make your mouth water and tickle your senses.