Lesser Known Yet Mouth-Watering Pickles You Must Not Miss
Image Credit: Image source: Pexels

Achar or pickles are a part of an Indian meal that does wonders. Be it a rice dish or parathas, without pickles, your mind will remind you something is missing. Aam, nimbu, and mirch ka achar are very popular and make us all keep asking for more. However, there's a whole lot of options available to make your meals extraordinary in unthinkable ways. Here are some less popular but great pickle options to choose from.

Kamal kakdi ka achar

If you're a fan of mixed pickles, then now you know what that round slice was. Yes, this is what this rare pickle from Jammu and Kashmir is called. Lotus stems are themselves flavourful and the achar is perfect for your dinner.

Amla ka achar

Amla ka achar or launji is a highly preferred way of consuming amla which is extremely healthy and should be included in the diet. It is commonly used in states like Bihar, Jharkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. The tangy flavour of gooseberries is balanced with typical Indian spices and can go with all your Indian meals.

Lehsun ka achar

Coming from Andra Pradesh, it is comparatively popular but still many remain dubious when it comes to using only garlic for pickles. Garlic is often added in various pickles but when alone it's a gem. This will make your parathas and kachoris taste so good that you'll never prefer them without it.

Gongura pachadi

Gongura Pachadi or hibiscus leaves pickles is popular in Andhra Pradesh and also consumed in other South Indian states and Maharashtra. The sour leaves mixed with spices can make any dish delicious.

There are so many less explored pickles from all parts of this diverse county. So, next time you're thinking of making achar don't just stick to buying mangos and carrots.