10 Japanese Herbs And Seasonings To Add To Your Pantry
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Japanese herbs can be a flavourful addition to your food, and they can instantly redefine the way that your food tastes. Herbs can infuse an array of beautiful flavours in your food and you can reinvent your regular dishes by using these herbs. The flavour palette of these herbs is quite diverse and it can have promising effects on your food. You can easily create a hybrid of flavours by using your Indian spices and Japanese herbs to make your everyday dishes. Let's have a look at 10 Japanese herbs that are a must-try. 

* Mitsuba

This is a delicate herb that resembles the flavours of parsley and salad. It is like a fusion of these two elements and brings a dynamic range of flavours to the table. You can instantly add this to your soup, salad and rice dishes. This is a very famous herb in Japan and is used in almost everything. You can easily find it in supermarkets or any specialised herb market.

* Yuzu Kosho

Yuzu Kosho has a very zesty as well as spicy flavour. It comes in various forms and is specially made from yuzu citrus zest and chilli peppers. It is eaten with yuzu kosho enlivens marinades, sauces and simple dishes like grilled fish. It can be eaten as a side dish as it can instantly add a lot of flavours to anything mundane on its own.

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* Myoga

The shoots of Myoga that are very tender are used to make this herb. These shoots are mixed with subtle ginger powder and are perfect for adding to your salads, pickles, and even a lot of dips. It also has a very refreshing yet subtle aroma that can be a defining factor for a lot of dishes. If you think your salad is too bland, then try adding this herb to your salads.

* Sansho

Sansho has a little bit of citrusy and also a very light-numbing taste. It also instantly amplifies the taste of dishes like grilled meat, soups, and noodles, and also has a tingling sensation. It is a delicious herb that you can use to instantly elevate the flavour of any of your favourite dishes. It doesn't have a very strong flavour range, but it is truly very delicious.

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* Shiso

This herb can be called the Japanese basil and is a very important part of Japanese cuisine. It has dark green or purple colour leaves that are used in various forms to add to your salad, tempura and sushi. It is a staple herb for many Japanese people and a lot of dishes are incomplete without adding this herb to the food. 

* Akajiso

Akajiso has a very unique taste and is slightly spicy and tangy. This herb is made by using crimson-hued leaves that are used for pickling and also add very dynamic flavours. A hint of herbaceousness is also added to a lot of Japanese dishes that include rice, sushi and various toppings. Japanese cuisine is incomplete without many such toppings and herbs.

* Yomogi

Yomogi has a slightly bitter taste and also has a vibrant green hue. It is very often used in a lot of rice, cakes, dumplings and mochi. It has a very unique and earthy flavour. You can add this to a variety of your Japanese and even Indian dishes to give a very rusty and earthy touch.

* Shiso Flowers

Shiso flowers other than the leaves of the plant are also used to create delicate Japanese herbs that give a very floral essence to salads, beverages and desserts. These are very sophisticated in taste and also help in elevating the visual element of a particular dish. You can add them for both decorative and gastronomical purposes.

* Wasabi 

Anyone who follows Japanese cuisine is acquainted with this delicious and pungent condiment that is very popular among Japanese people. It adds a kick to the food and is also very fiery. If you are looking forward to having a tantalising effect on your taste buds, then you can surely try using Wasabi.

* Kinome

This has a very citrusy and peppery taste and also infuses a very refreshing touch to several dishes like grilled meat, salads, and sashimi to add an instant burst of flavour. You can directly add this herb after cooking your food as a sprinkling ingredient or add this while cooking your food. 

These are some delicious and flavourful herbs from Japan that you must try adding to your food. This will give a very distinct and unique touch to your food and you will surely enjoy the whole experience.