10 Immune-Boosting Fruits & Vegetables To Eat During Autumn
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Come September and most Indians look forward to the long festive season that stretches up to December. And yet, most people also forget all about the fact that the festive season won’t be half as enjoyable if your immune system falls prey to the changing season and the seasonal diseases it brings along. But that is not the only reason to boost your immune system to prepare for autumn season in India.  

Autumn season is all about fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels, which can make people more susceptible to illnesses like common cold and flu. And because autumn season also coincides with the festive season, the likelihood of catching infections from large public gatherings is also high. A healthy and strong immune system can therefore keep all of these issues at bay and keep you fit enough to enjoy the best that this season and this time has to offer. 

One of the best ways to bolster your immune system during the autumn season is to rely on the fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables that come into season at this time of the year. The seasonal fruits and vegetables are naturally packed with immune-boosting qualities that improve the body’s defense system and fend off any seasonal diseases that may approach you. Here are 10 such seasonal Indian fruits and veggies that you should be consuming during autumn season to give your immune system a boost. 

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Also known as brinjal, eggplants come in many shapes, sizes and two colours across India during autumn season. Packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and antioxidants like anthocyanins, eggplant can not only help boost the immune system but also reduce inflammation, improve gut health and help with an overall balanced diet for better health. 


They might be difficult to peel and deseed, but the benefits of eating pomegranate far outweigh the disadvantages that the structure of the fruit pose. Rich in dietary fibre, potassium, folate, vitamin C and antioxidants like punicalagins and anthocyanins, pomegranate can help bolster the immune system, reduce oxidative stress and reduce inflammation too.  


Both cauliflower and broccoli come in season during autumn months and should be added to your diet. This cruciferous vegetable is loaded with vitamin C, soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, loads of minerals and antioxidants like glucosinolates and sulforaphane. All of these macro and micronutrients combine to strengthen the immune system and fight off seasonal infections. 


Whether you eat green kiwis or golden ones, eat this fruit you must during autumn. Apart from being packed to the brim with vitamin C, kiwi also contains vitamin E, vitamin K, dietary fibre and plenty of polyphenols. These micronutrients are particularly good at boosting white blood cell production, which in turn can increase antibodies to fight off seasonal infections. 


A true nutritional powerhouse, spinach is a green leafy vegetable that can and should be consumed autumn onwards for its flavour and health-boosting properties alike. Packed with vitamin A and vitamin C, spinach is especially rich in antioxidants like beta-carotenes and phytonutrients and minerals like iron and some proteins too. So, apart from boosting the immune system, eating spinach can also ensure you prevent chronic issues like iron-deficiency anaemia. 


Both pink-fleshed and white-fleshed guavas become available across India during the autumn months. Rich in vitamin C, which especially boosts white blood cell production in the body and also doubles as an antioxidant, guavas should be consumed for their immune-boosting qualities. The high fibre content of guavas also helps gut health, which also plays a role in improving the immune system. 

Amaranth Leaves 

Also known as chaulai in many parts of India, amaranth is loaded with vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, folate, dietary fibre and many other micro and macronutrients. Apart from making your immune system stronger, eating amaranth leaves can also reduce oxidative stress, improve respiratory health and aid digestive health by creating a healthy gut environment.  


From being easily digestible due to plenty of dietary fibre to helping white blood cell production thanks to plenty of vitamin C, apples live up to their reputation of being one of the healthiest foods to consume. In India, apple is harvested September onwards, making this a seasonal fruit you must eat to improve your immunity during the season change that occurs in autumn season. 

Sweet Potato 

A nutritional powerhouse with immune-boosting properties, sweet potato is a must-have vegetable during autumn season. From maintaining the mucous membranes of the respiratory system to boosting the immune system, this root veggie can do a lot for your health. Loaded with vitamin C, dietary fibre, plant proteins, essential minerals and plenty of antioxidants, this one should definitely be on your autumn food plate. 

Green Peas 

A rich source of vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, folate, plant proteins, dietary fibre and antioxidants like beta-carotene, green peas are a must-have during autumn and winter months. Improving white blood cell production, reducing oxidative stress and aiding gut health are all the things peas can do to keep you fighting fit during the autumnal season change.