10 Delicious Fillings That Will Amp Up Your Burger
Image Credit: Unsplash

Burgers are a delish snack that is believed to be native to America but is popular worldwide. While we love a good, juicy burger from a restaurant or a deli, there's something extra special about making one's own. When it comes to grilling burgers, you can get really creative with the fillings. 

The great thing about burgers is their versatility. One can go all out with the fillings, like your burger to be hot how about adding some Harissa sauce? want some extra crunch? Lettuce to the rescue. Here are some amazing burger-filling ideas to give you plenty of options the next time you make some burgers.

1. Pickles

Pickles add that extra punch of zest and perfect juiciness. You can't go wrong with a sweet, crunchy pickle, whether it's sweet, cucumber, or zucchini. It is a simple ingredient that elevates burgers to the next level. Simply add two-three slices on top and you are ready to go.

2. Chillies

Some chopped chillies on a burger cut through the heavy meats and cheeses as they add just the right amount of tang to elevate your standard cheeseburger. Furthermore, spicy foods are known to boost metabolism. So, whichever chilli pepper you choose (jalapenos, green chillies, or pepperoni), it will be beneficial to both your health and your taste buds.

3. Condiments

Condiments are a must-have burger filling. They add flavour, texture, and moisture, all of which are essential ingredients. It's difficult to imagine a burger without a condiment, whether it's spicy, creamy, fresh, or rich.

Ketchup and mustard are absolute must-haves. If you don't put anything else on your burger, you must have this flavorful pairing. You could also use Thousand Island burger sauce or ranch dressing for an extra creamy and decadent burger. And, of course, mayonnaise is a must-have ingredient for adding moisture to your buns.

4. Caramelized Onions

If you want a sweet, rich addition to your burger, these caramelised onions are a sure bet. Simply melt butter in a pan, add chopped onions, and cook on low heat until soft. This process can take anywhere between 20 and 25 minutes, so be patient. If necessary, add some water to keep the onions from burning. Add a generous portion of fried onions to the top of your burger and you're ready to eat.

5. Lettuce

Because lettuce doesn't add much flavour to burgers, it must be crunchy. You could add some mixed greens or arugula for a little more zing.

One method is to wait to wash your lettuce until you're about to use it. This prevents the leaves from becoming soggy while sitting in your fridge. And if your lettuce does start to look sad, there's a solution for that as well. Soak your lettuce in an ice bath for a few minutes to perk it up again.

6. Cheese

When it comes to burgers, cheese is a must-have ingredient. Cheese complements burgers in the same way that peanut butter complements jelly. You must have cheese, whether it's a thin slice of American, a rich slice of Swiss, or a creamy Provolone.

7. Fried Egg

No this is a controversial one. Some people prefer not to deal with the runny yolk mess. Others believe that the egg and meat patty combination is simply brilliant. In our view, a fried egg on a burger enhances the experience. If you want something a little more, sneak in a fried egg in between those buns. 

8. Mac N Cheese

Even with a smaller patty, macaroni and cheese effectively double the size of your burger, so save this for a truly special occasion when no one is counting calories. However, eating a burger with mac and cheese adds a creamy deliciousness that is well worth the extra calories.

9. Hummus

Sometimes, your burger deserves the extra drama. Hummus may appear simple, but it is bursting with flavour. Hummus is made from chickpeas and sesame tahini, so it's a healthier alternative to other creamy toppings.

10. Avocados

Avocados, also known as nature's butter, are creamy and decadent while also containing essential fats for a healthy diet. Avocado, sliced or mixed into guacamole, not only makes your burger more delicious, but it also makes it more filling. It's a delicious and guilt-free filling.