What’s The Right Way To Eat A Burger? Viral Video Leaves Netizens Divided

Do you also take forever to decide on what to order at a restaurant, especially if the menu has a lot of dishes that you would want to try? If yes, you are not the only one. From Indian to Italian, American to Asian, I cannot point out one single dish to eat. I love both Asian and Italian cuisines and the others too. So, can you blame me now? Most of you would also agree that there’s always one picky eater in your group, catering to whose demands can be difficult at times. That said, there are certain classic food items that can satiate everyone’s cravings. The well-loved burger is one such food that is preferred by people across all age groups. 

However, there are preferences in burgers too. Some people like it with tomatoes, while others don’t. A recent viral video shows that the struggle is real. Shared by Instagram content creator ‘pranayvalecha’, the clip humorously explains the right way to eat a burger. It starts by saying, “How to eat burger properly”. The video shows the viewers that the best way to eat the burger is by removing the tomato slices from it. He captioned the video, “Tell me it’s not just me”. Take a look at it:

The blogger is seen eating a burger from McDonald’s, in which he opens the top bun, then removes the two slices of tomatoes from the burger and continues eating it. But it seems like netizens stand divided on this matter. The video has garnered over three million views so far, with more than 200k likes, and thousands of comments. The comment section is divided between viewers who are in complete support of this idea and the others who think that the guy in the video is the only one who does this. 

“Yesss! Any other way should be illegal!! (sic)” wrote one user, while another said “This is me, me is this (sic)”. Another comment in support read, “I had to show this to my parents to prove them that am not the only one (sic)”. On the other hand, some comments were against this idea, “I love tomatoes .... I need veggies in my burger (sic)”, said one while another comment read, “Yes it’s only you” and “Nah bro it’s lit with tomato and onions (sic)”. One comment even said, “I need a dislike button”. 

So do you eat your burger with or without tomatoes? Let us know.