10 Best Pahala Rasagolla Places In Bhubaneswar, By City Foodies
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A few years back, a bitter war was waged between two Indian states for a sweet dish that is beyond compare. While most people identify Rasagolla as a Bengali sweet, the state of Odisha has always had its own incredibly delicious version of the same, called Pahala Rasagolla. In 2017, Pahala Rasagolla received its GI Tag or geographical indicator tag, and it was confirmed that Pahala Rasagolla from Odisha is a brilliant treat one must have when in Odisha, especially in Pahala and Bhubaneswar. 

For those who don’t know what the buzz around Pahala Rasagolla is all about, here’s how Odisha’s Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik described it in a Tweet in 2017: “This mouthwatering culinary delight made of cottage cheese, loved by Odias across the world, is offered to Lord Jagannath as part of bhog since centuries." Also known as Khiramohana, Pahala Rasagolla has a distinctive brownish colour that comes from caramelising sugar.  

A truly iconic delicacy from Odisha, Pahala Rasagolla is found in Pahala, a place situated between Bhubaneswar and Cuttack (though it is closer to the Odisha capital than the latter). There are, therefore, plenty of places in Bhubaneswar that sell the most authentic and delicious Pahala Rasagollas. Slurrp caught up with foodies from Bhubaneswar about where to find the best Pahala Rasagolla in and around the city. Here are their recommendations. 

1. Jay Sri Jagannath Mistan Bhandar, Pahala; Recommended by Aayush Kumar @odishafoodcrush 

“I love rasogolla at this place because they serve hot and fresh Pahala Rasogolla here,” Aayush says. “Prices are quite cheaper as compared to normal sweets stalls. Talking about ambiance, because this shop is on the road side, there is no sitting arrangement. People come to taste the sweets and take it home. There is no dine-in option.” He also adds that in Pahala, there are more than 50+ sweets stalls on the National Highway between Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The prices are quite reasonable and there are also other varieties of Rasagolla you can try here. 

Must Try: Pahala Rasagolla, Kesar Rasagolla 

Price For Two: Rs 12 (approximately) 

Address: Plot no 17-B , Nh 16, Infront of Utkal Hyundai, near Apex collage, Pahala, Bhubaneswar 

2. Nimapara Sweets, Bapuji Nagar; Recommended by Abhijeet Pradhan @foodies_of_bhubaneswar 

Abhijeet says that Nimapara Sweets is an institution in Bhubaneswar and not just a sweet shop. “The ambiance here is reminiscent of old-school sweet shops, but with a few modern touches,” he explains. “Now, why do I love the Pahala Rasagolla here? In contrast to the slightly spongier, less sweet Bengali Rasagolla, the ones here are softer and delicately sweet, creating a perfect balance. They also offer other delicious Odia sweets like Rasabali, Sarapuli, and Chhena Poda. Prices vary based on the size of the Rasagolla.” 

Must Try: Pahala Rasagolla, Rasabali, Chhena Poda 

Price For Two: Rs 14-60 (depending on size and variety) 

Address: Plot No, 80, 9th St, opposite Venus Hotel, Bapuji Nagar, Bhubaneswar 

3. Pahala Rasagolla, Damana; Recommended by Ram Swaroop Dash @food_columnist_ 

“This is my favourite place in Bhubaneswar where you get the authentic Pahala-style Rasagolla without even going to Pahala,” Ram explains. “It's so soft that once you put it in your mouth it melts with all the flavours bursting. It gives a heavenly experience. The shop looks just like the outlets at Pahala and doesn’t have any ambiance—unless you consider that enjoying food under the open sky is always the best ambiance. The small Rasagollas here cost you Rs. 5 and the standard one cost you Rs. 10. I would also recommend their Chhena Poda.” 

Must Try: Pahala Rasagolla, Chhena Poda 

Price For Two: Rs 10-20 (depending on size) 

Address: In front of Kelucharan Park, Damana, Bhubaneswar 

4. Matka Sweets, Pahala; Recommended by Aayush Kumar @odishafoodcrush 

What makes this place unique, Aayush says, is the way the Pahala Rasagolla are served. “Hot, hot Pahala Rasogolla are served in matka or earthen pots in this place,” he explains. “This place is quite famous because people take Pahala Rasogolla in matkas to gift their friends and relatives. The Rasogolla are big in size, soft like a sponge and the syrup is good. People usually come here for takeaways, so the ambience doesn’t matter as such.”  

Must Try: Pahala Rasagolla 

Price For Two: Rs 20-50 (depending on size) 

Address: In front of Utkal Hyundai, NH 16, Pahala, Bhubaneswar 

5. Bikalananda Kar’s Rasagola, Saheed Nagar; Recommended by Abhijeet Pradhan @foodies_of_bhubaneswar 

Abhijeet explains that though this iconic Bhubanewsar sweet shop has many branches, the one serving the best Pahala Rasagolla is in Saheed Nagar. “The store gives off a more contemporary vibe and sells a variety of Rasagollas, other sweets, and snacks,” he explains. “To enjoy the traditional Pahala Rasagolla here, make sure you order Khira Mohana, the original version, amidst the myriad of varieties. Bikalananda Kar's Rasagola also sells packed Pahala Rasagolla, making it easy for patrons to take this sweetness home.”  

Must Try: Khira Mohana, Rasabala 

Price For Two: Rs 14-60 (depending on size and variety) 

Address: Metro Classic Building, G-11, Near Rupali St, Saheed Nagar 

6. Mithai, Lewis Road; Recommended by Ram Swaroop Dash @food_columnist_  

“This is the place where I have always been to since my childhood,” Ram explains. “Bikalananda stays one of my favourite Pahala Rasagolla spot always, but they are not that soft. So, we had found Mithai nearby. The Pahala Rasagolla here have that soft cheese used which makes it closest to authentic. The ambiance here is standard and proper hygiene is maintained. Apart from Pahala Rasagollas, the place has got a wide range of sweets. I would also recommend the soft Motichoor ke Laddoo over there.”  

Must Try: Pahala Rasagolla, Motichoor Laddoo 

Price For Two: Rs 10-20 (depending on size) 

Address: Mithai,Lewis Road, Near Ravi Talkies Square, Bhubaneswar

7. Bhai Bhai Rasagolla, Lewis Road; Recommended by Mitali Pati @food_columnist_ 

Mitali reveals that this Odia sweets institution was earlier located near Panthanivas, Bhubaneswar. “It was the place where I saw the first huge Pahala Rasagollas,” she explains. “They not only just look good but also taste great. They have now opened up with a great store and have a good ambiance. The store has got a wide range of sweets, but the Rasagolla varieties are the most famous there.”  

Must Try: Pahala Rasagolla, Rasagolla 

Price For Two: Rs 20 onwards 

Address: Plot No. 3204/6100, Near Kedar Gouri Temple, Infront of HDFC Bank, Lewis Rd, Bhubaneswar 

8. Sriyaram Sweets, Saheed Nagar; Recommended by Ankita Tripathy @foodalicious_foodies 

For Ankita, just like many others in the city, the go-to place for Pahala Rasagolla seems to be Bikalananda Kar’s place, but if there is one place that comes as a close second, it is definitely Sriyaram Sweets. “A lot of varieties of different sweets are available here and that authentic taste is preserved, which is why I love the Pahala Rasagolla here,” she explains. “The ambience is small and good.”  

Must Try: Pahala Rasagolla, Badam Kalakand 

Price For Two: Rs 20 onwards (approximately) 

Address: Near Rabindra Medical Hall, Housing Board Colony, Chandrasekharpur, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar 

9. Devi Durga Sweet Stall, Siripur, Baramunda; Recommended by Amlanjyoti Khuntia @_food_prints_ 

Amlanjyoti, who manages one of the most popular Bhubaneswar food blogs with Bidyut Prava Mohapatra, reveals that this place was quite the find and has covered it for his blog as well. “This is a place where you can find piping hot Pahala Rasagolla,” he explains. "They serve hot Rasagola from 6pm onwards. Those are juicy and very soft making this one of the best places in Bhubaneswar to have Pahala Rasagolla.”  

Must Try: Pahala Rasagolla 

Price For Two: Rs 10 (approximately) 

Address: 7R96+GM8, Soubhagya Nagar, Baramunda, Bhubaneswar 

10. Bengal Sweets, Saheed Nagar; Recommended by Ankita Tripathy @foodalicious_foodies 

“I love the taste of Pahala Rasagolla here too,” says Ankita. “The Rasagolla here are freshly prepared, soft, light brown in colour and always melts in the mouth. Despite what the name of this place suggests, the taste is of authentic Odia Rasagollas is preserved here, making it one of the best places to have this sweet delicacy.” 

Must Try: Odia Rasagolla 

Price For Two: Rs 10 onwards (approximately) 

Address: Near Natural hair and beauty salon, Arya samaj road, Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar