Top Restaurants You Must Visit In Twin Cities Cuttack And Bhubneshwar
Image Credit: Instagram @cafe16satyanagar

Good food sets everything right, but good food with a combination of good ambience and good company can change your day. Cuttack and Bhubneshwar are major junctions for tourist visits, venues for important meetings & functions, the desired choice for higher studies, and more. This makes these cities the centre of attraction for most people. You may consider several options for your dining because the range of options is immensely vast. But at times, it can also get confusing. So here are our top 5 picks for the restaurants in both these towns. From providing the best ambience to a spread to remember, these restaurants would surely leave you grinning. 

1- Cafe 16, Satynagar, Bhubneshwar: It is Bhubneshwar's first house cafe that has been made by transforming a 50-year-old house. The restaurant has both indoor and garden settings with an in house library that makes this place even more intriguing. The address is iconically known for Bakul Foundation and its library. The food has its own unique essence that teleports you to a sophisticated and cosy world. You can always find students reading or working on their laptops while enjoying the food almost every day.

2- Skyfall, Cuttack: This very new restaurant in town has been successful in attracting the people of the city for its aesthetic setting, open-air & indoor dining, and open oven. They bake live in the open oven in front of the customers, which is unique.