Indulge Into These Variety Of Pithe’s From Odisha
Image Credit: Pitha's are an important part of Indian cuisine/ Pic- Facebook-Odia food

Pithe as we know has always been a celebratory feast dish and Odisha sees variety of it when we talk of Odia cuisine. A lot of efforts go into the making of Pithas and these delicacies either sweet or savoury surely needs much expertise to prepare them. 

Enduri Pitha

Made during Prathamashtami and Manabasa Gurubura this one is wrapped in turmeric leaf and then steamed. Chef Thomas Zacharias writes “Just before winter sets in, the people of Odisha welcome the festival of Prathamastami, a ritual that celebrates the life and prosperity of first-borns in a family. This can be traced back to a time when infant mortality was high, and a child’s survival beyond the first few years was celebrated. Enduri Pitha, is traditionally made once a year to commemorate this festival. Enveloped in fresh turmeric leaves, it has a stuffing of grated coconut, jaggery and spices. 

Arisa Pitha

Arisa Pitha or the traditional pancake of Odisha, this one is crispy and crunchy on the outer and soft from inside. The main ingredients are rice flour and jaggery. 

Taala Pitha

This one is made with the fruit – Palmyra palm, tala or tal palm. The ripe tala or tal palm is used to make this dish. Super soft and mildly sweet this one is very seasonal. 

Chakuli Pitha

The cousin of dosa, Chakuli Pitha is a much favoured breakfast from Odisha. This Crisp pitha that is made with rice fermented batter based and is fried & is served with some daal, chutney or even sambhar.

Manda Pitha


Poda Pitha

Made during Raja, a festivity in Odisha, this one is similar to a cake made with rice flour and coconut. This pitha is made in the slow cooking process. Fermented rice, black gram, grated coconut and jaggery is kept overnight and as the crust turns a slight semi burnt the inside still stays soft. It is then garnished with coconut and nuts. 

Chitau Pitha

This one is different in its own way. Made of rice flour and coconut slices this is prepared mostly during Chitalagi or Chitou Amavasya , a festival that is related to Lord Jagannath. This one is unique in its flavour

Gaintha Pitha

Gaintha Pitha is pure love for Pitha lovers. Made with rice flour which is steamed and then then made into small balls and then dipped in dipped in seasoned sweet milk is great indulgence.