“Cutting A Sandwich Diagonally Gives You More Sandwich”, Expresses Actor Vidyut Jammwal
Image Credit: Screengrab of Vidyut Jammwal/Twitter, Cut the sandwich diagonally or straight, just make it right!

Picture this. It is a lazy Sunday morning and you are in your bed, not really to leave the cozy quilt. The only thing you might be wishing for is if someone gives you a nice breakfast in bed. However, when that doesn’t happen and you have to get up and make something for yourself, it might be either a bowl of cereal or simply, a sandwich. Once you’ve made the sandwich, how do you eat it? Do you divide it into two halves or eat it as it is? And if you do follow the former option, how do you cut it? 

All these questions might not have entered your chain of thoughts yet but Vidyut Jammwal’s recent tweet has forced us to think otherwise. Recently, the actor took to his Twitter handle to share a picture of a sandwich cut diagonally and from the centre. The caption of the image read, “The geometry is too complicated to explain but cutting a sandwich diagonally gives you more sandwich”. Here, take a look. 

                Source: Vidyut Jammwal/Twitter 

This may sound really absurd at first but let’s just take a moment to ponder over this thought. Do you think it follows a logical reasoning? The tweet saw several people being indifferent to the same. Some expressed how the stuffing matters more than how the sandwich is cut while others went into mathematical logics to state that it gives the same area, either way. 

Well, you’re planning to experiment with this thought today, we have some yummy stuffed sandwich recipes for you. 

1.  Barbeque Tofu Sandwich 

These easy-to-make and non-greasy sandwiches are ready in minutes. All you need is some barbequed tofu along with layers of avocado and pineapple lime to add to it. Toast it or eat it just that way. 

2.  Veggie Egg Sandwich 

Doesn’t the name sound like an oxymoron? However, the taste will make up to the name. Loaded with mashed, boiled eggs doused in creamy mayonnaise along with finely chopped vegetables like spinach, bell peppers and tomatoes. 

3.  Grilled Veg Sandwich 

Give your sandwiches an Indian touch with a layer of coriander chutney, boiled potatoes, thinly-sliced tomatoes and onions. Grill the sandwich and enjoy. 

4.  Toasted Reuben Sandwich 

A beef-stuffed sandwich, it is made creamy with the help of swiss cheese. Saukerkraut and rye bread bring a distinct flavour to the whole sandwich. Toast the sandwich in a sandwich maker and relish the crunch and meat.