One of the most delicious Punjabi delights that can be found across the globe and cheat lists of fitness freaks and celebs is chole bhature. Spiced chickpea curry served with round, fluffy, soft, and crispy bhaturas made of all-purpose flour, pickle, and onion is an irresistible combo. Despite bhatura being deep-fried, no person can stand a chance to say no to a bite of it. However, it looks like people or vendors are not happy with this old combination, and they have found a way to add a twist to the recipe.

A food blogger recently shared a video of a vendor in Punjab who not only deep-fries bhatura but also stuffs it with popular Indian street food items. It’s not surprising that even before the blogger could add his opinion about the unique combination, netizens had to chime in to share their point of view. Here is everything you need to know about it.

Unique Bhature Stuffed With Aloo Tikki And Samosa

Located in the Pathankot district of Punjab, the owner of Chatru Bhature Wale sells chole bhature in a unique style. He first deep-fries the bhature and stuffs them with either a samosa or aloo tikki. Later, the bhatura is toasted on a hot pan to make its surface crispy.

The owner of the shop takes pride in selling no onion and no garlic chana gravy along with fried green chillies and masala aloo. Foodpandits shared a reel of trying this unique combination. The video content creator liked the twist added to the iconic chole bhature. He added that he could taste the flavours of bhature as well as samosa or aloo tikki.

Social Media Reactions

A user on social media was quick to point out that the owner stuffed maida inside maida (bhature and shell of samosa are prepared using all-purpose flour). Another user said that this combination had calories at an ultra-pro max level. 

One user on Instagram said that the combination looked mouth-watering. A person wrote that this (adding a twist to chole bhature) was the only thing that was left to be seen. There were mixed reactions. Many people liked the combination and were sworn by its delicious flavours while others were not happy that a dish like chole bhature was being twisted (because the original recipe is quite delicious). 

This is not the first time that the internet has seen people experimenting with iconic Indian dishes. In the past, several videos have showcased vendors playing around with dosa, idli, pani puri, biryani, paratha, and whatnot.