Farah Khan Delights In Amritsari Chole And Lassi On Her Trip

Farah Khan Kunder’s social media always promises a bag of laughs and some really great food. From her chai jugaad in London tearooms to her hacks to making long airport waits more delicious, she’s always taking to the ‘Gram to let us all in on her foodie adventures. Recently, she was jet setting around India again, this time to Amritsar and naturally, a host of yummy food videos soon followed. 

She began her trip with one of the most iconic dishes in the city, Chole Bhature. Though popular across North India, Amritsari Chole is a class apart and is made with a special ingredient, black tea. The tea gives the chole its unique dark colour and a slight bitter edge which perfectly complements the dish. In her stories, she was seen tucking into a simple steel thali with a serving of chole, one bhatura, potato gravy and a side of salad. She gleefully pops the fresh hot bhature which steams to perfection. 

The next stop on her food pilgrimage around the city was the iconic Giani for a glass of their famous Lassi where she experienced their legacy first hand. Open since 1927 Giani Punjabi Lassi has made a name for its rich and creamy version of the drink which is made from creamed pedas, along with a fresh yoghurt lassi, topped with malai and a hefty helping of kewra water. 

As she explored the shop, she was clearly told that they wouldn’t charge her and she praised the kind Amritsari hospitality. And she soon realised why it’s become a fan favourite in the city and wrote "I swear you can't drink this lassi... you have to eat it" followed by the question all of us have asked after a big meal, "How to work now?"

It seems like Farah Khan has hit up a couple of Amritsar’s must-try dishes this trip although we think there’s still a lot more her foodie heart would enjoy.