Bullet coffee or butter coffee as it is more commonly referred to, combines good quality coffee with a medium chain triglyceride (MCT) like coconut oil or ghee, intended to help kickstart your day as a low-carb replacement for a heavy breakfast. Created by an American author and entrepreneur who created the bulletproof diet, Dave Asprey, the beverage first gained popularity when keto diet followers raved about its positive effects on their overall functioning and energy levels. A 2021 study mentioned that although bullet coffee did not have any significant effects on cognitive abilities, it provided a feeling of satiety and fullness for a longer period of time.

Typically made by blending together freshly brewed black coffee with a fat component (coconut oil, ghee) to give it a creamy mouthfeel and frothy texture, bullet coffee has also been proven to be effective in increasing metabolism and thermogenesis – the body’s capacity of producing heat. Unlike regular coffee, which increases the heart rate and keeps one awake and alert for a short period of time followed by a dip in energy, where the body craves for carbohydrates or sugar, bullet coffee has been known to reduce the expectation of eating a meal by a minimum of three hours.

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Drinking a cup of bullet coffee in the morning is ideal for those who are strictly following a keto or low-card diet, since the body converts the MCTs to ketones. Since MCTs are processed by the liver and absorbed readily by the body, bullet coffee supplies a steady source of energy; as opposed to providing a quick spike and decline. It is recommended that the hot beverage must be had in the morning, since it provides a solid start to the day as well as keeps energy levels at a consistent pace. A few things to check before consuming bullet coffee for weight loss would include verifying one’s cholesterol levels to ensure that it isn’t elevated. If you are of sensitive health or suffer from anxiety, it is best to steer clear of drinking the coffee.

That being said, drinking bullet coffee pushes the body pushes the body into fat-burning mode provided that the fat component isn’t too refined or pasteurised. Using organic ghee, cold-pressed coconut oil or grass-fed butter are ideal options to experiment with, to see what flavours work for you personally. Here is how you can make yourself a cup of this bitter-creamy beverage.



  • 1 cup hot black coffee
  • 1 tablespoon ghee
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil


Add all the ingredients to a blender jar and blitz until the mixture turns creamy and frothy in appearance.

Ensure that there is an outlet for the steam from the coffee to pass, as it blends, to avoid any untoward accidents. Pour into a cup once done and consume immediately.