White Coffee, Heard Of This Rare Coffee Variety?

If you are a coffee lover, your day probably starts with a warm and comforting cup of coffee. Coffee gives us the strength to kickstart the day and gives us the power to face the world. While some love latte, some have a special love for cappuccino and some just can’t say no to mocha. Among the many coffee varieties, there is also white coffee that many of us don’t know about. Have you ever heard of this rare and unique coffee variety? 

White coffee has recently gained quite a stardom, thanks to social media. But how is this different? This coffee, unlike regular coffee, is lightly roasted and this lends it a different flavour and colour. This coffee variety has its roots in Malaysia and has been a part of the local cuisine since centuries. Arabica beans are lightly roasted for just 15 minutes which is much lower than the regular roasting coffee time. When roasted for a lesser duration, this coffee has natural flavours and oil intact. 

And no, this coffee is not milky white in colour. These coffee beans are light brown in colour and brew comes in caramel or blonde colour. Just like regular coffee, white coffee also has caffeine and could be great when it comes to energy boosting. Because of being roasted for lesser duration, it has its antioxidants preserved and benefits the body in so many ways. Not just it reduces inflammation in the body but also prevents cell damage. It can also cure and prevent several chronic diseases. Besides, this coffee is less acidic as compared to its other counterparts and is beneficial for digestive system.

When are you going to this unique coffee variety? Do let us know!