How To Make Roasted Pumpkin Soup | Slurrp Presents Get Fit Food

Roasted Pumpkin Soup is a traditional comfort soup which is basically made of roasted pumpkin seeds, peeled pumpkin pieces and coconut cream. This luscious dish has its roots in Haiti, a small Caribbean island. In 1804, this dish got its identity as a historical tribute to Haitian independence. This tribute was actually given to the citizens of Haiti, who were working as slaves and their survival was majorly dependent upon this soup only. 

After this revolution, its recipe went through numerous modifications but its real essence is still present. If we talk about its taste then this soup can be made as a savoury as well as a dessert. Prepared both ways, its texture remains soft and creamy. To add more flavours to this dish, you can add vegetables and herbs like onion, garlic and rosemary sprigs. 

If you are wondering how much time does it take to get prepared then it takes around one hour for an intermediate-level cook.