Yoghurt And Rice: 7 Dishes To Make With The Combo For Summer
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Yoghurt and rice is one of those dishes which brings alive nostalgic memories and reminds of the most awaited summertime treats. The combination of savoury yoghurt with comforting rice felt like a respite from the blazing heat after coming home from school. 

Apart from India, this combination is one of the most beloved treats in the world. Yoghurt and rice is one of those dishes that doesn't need anything else to make it better and is special in itself. Still, from region to region, this dish has been transformed into various fusions, all of which taste unbelievably amazing.

From the classic yoghurt rice to the inclusion of spices and ingredients, these different recipes take the love for yoghurt and rice to a whole new level. This summer, indulge in these amazing yoghurt and rice-based dishes and evoke bittersweet nostalgia.

7 Yoghurt and Rice Dishes To Try

1) Classic Yoghurt And Rice

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Classic yoghurt and rice always come first and foremost. The creamy yoghurt melds in the tender grains of cooked rice, resulting in a delectable treat that fills the mouth with a soothing flavour. This dish is especially beneficial for summertime due to the cooling effects of yoghurt and also the natural probiotics in it.

2) Sweet Yoghurt And Rice

Replacing savoury yoghurt in the original recipe, this dish is made with sweet yoghurt instead of savoury. Combining creamy and sweet yoghurt in rice results in a cooling and comforting dessert. To make sweet yoghurt, you just have to mix powdered sugar in creamy yoghurt with a neutral flavour. You can opt for granulated sugar for more texture and bite.

3) South Indian Curd Rice

South Indian Curd Rice is a more improvised version of classic yoghurt and rice which involves a tadka seasoning. The tadka is made with mustard seeds, curry leaves, one whole dried red chilli and chana dal or chickpea lentils. Once you combine yoghurt and rice, add the piping hot tadka and mix it up for an amazing flavour.

4) Punjabi Kadhi Chawal

Punjabi kadhi chawal uses kadhi instead of plain yoghurt for the dish. Kadhi is made with yoghurt base, besan and tempering spices. First, you have to temper the spices like Mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, and dried red chilli peppers in hot oil, then add diluted yoghurt and besan in it. Then the mixture is stirred until bubbles form and seasoned with some salt. Optionally, you can add besan pakora to enhance the dish.

5) Labaniyeh

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Labaniyeh is a Palestinian version of yoghurt and rice which have a risotto-like consistency and have a garlicky taste. It is traditionally made with sheep’s milk yoghurt, but you can use regular yoghurt as well. The recipe involves simmering diluted yoghurt until it turns equally creamy. Then it is seasoned with butter sauteed garlic and some salt and cooked rice is added on top. Then the dish is cooked for a few minutes before serving.

6) Dahi Khichdi

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Dahi Khichdi is an Indian speciality dish which combines the warmth of khichdi and the relaxation of creamy yoghurt into one. This dish holds a special place in the heart of every Indian and is made with whole spices for a better flavour. The addition of red lentils makes it a protein-packed dish and adds an amusing bite.

7) Vegetable Curd Rice

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Vegetable curd rice is made with the addition of several veggies which adds a delightful bite to the dish. For making it a summertime treat, use seasonal vegetables like cucumber and bitter gourd. You can add other veggies like carrots along with onions and tomatoes. Eat it as it is or combine it with coconut chutney for a nourishing feast.

Try these amazing yoghurt and rice-based dishes and see how one simple combination can be a game changer for summertime meals. Not only are these dishes delicious, but they are also packed with health benefits that will give you a soothing relief in warm weather.