This Viral Multi-Layered Potato Cake Is Winning Hearts
Image Credit: @poppy_cooks on Instagram

Potato is one of the most versatile vegetables with which you can create several recipes through its different forms. Whether boiled or baked, fried or roasted, the potato's adaptability knows no bounds. With endless possibilities, you can turn this vegetable into a flavourful comfort food in just minutes.

Taking advantage of the versatile disposition of potatoes, various chefs and food content creators have converted this simple vegetable into complex masterpieces.  From thousand-layer potatoes to crispy accordion potatoes, the internet is loaded with hundreds of unique potato experiments. Recently a new viral video has surfaced which shows a chef creating a birthday cake out of potatoes. This multilayered potato cake is winning millions of hearts on Instagram. Taking her love for potatoes to the next level, the chef crafts this intriguing multi-layered potato cake for her 30th birthday.

The Michelin-trained British Chef Poppy O’Toole is known for her innovative potato recipes. This time she surprises the internet again with her newest multi-layered potato cake. The intriguing potato cake starts with a thick layer of potato rosti secured by mashed potatoes from the bottom. Then she pipes some creamy mashed potatoes from edges to centre and fills the centre with caramelised onions, bacon and chives. Then she adds another layer of thick rosti and repeats the layers.  But she doesn't stop there; she goes for a two-tiered cake, placing a smaller version atop the base cake.

Earlier, she posted a glimpse reel of this extravagant cake, securing butter and chip candles on top for a birthday feel. This time, she went through the recipe, displaying the process that she went through to craft this masterpiece. So far, the previous reel has gained a whopping 10 million views with more than two lakh likes. The comment section is filled with praises and reactions like “Oh ma gad!”, “Chips as candles!! I really want a slice of that cake” and "Pure Heaven."

Poppy has tons of reels on her Instagram and TikTok pages, featuring countless fascinating potato creations that gained millions of views on both platforms. Her famed 15-hour potato recipe has been recreated by many chefs on social media platforms. From all other potato recipes, this is particularly exceptional due to its combination of different textures of potatoes along with the sweetness of onion and bacon. Combining all the elements together, this mesmerising cake is like a dream come true for potato lovers.