Viral: Italian Baker's Croissant Technique Wins The Internet
Image Credit: French Croissant | Freepik

In the world of pastries, there is no other dessert as delightful and flaky as a croissant. Croissants are those mesmerising and indulging treats that make a beautiful addition to coffee, hot chocolate, or a leisurely brunch buffet. Croissants are beloved for their flaky crust and creamy filling that gives amusing flavours with every mouthful. Whether you fill it with fruits or chocolate, these crescent-shaped delights are a work of art that takes years to master.

On a bright day, rolling the croissant to perfection takes at least 5 seconds. But an Italian food vlogger has completely shocked the internet by showing the process of croissants being rolled in just a blink of an eye. Internet is amazed by this unique and conventional way of rolling croissants. Figuring how the baker rolled it so quickly, many people are forced to watch it on a loop, and it will also amaze you.

The viral video by TikTok food vlogger @massimoferrara69 has gained 41M views so far, and it only continues to grow. The video features the Italian baker rolling the croissants just by holding the ends of dolloped pastry with fingers and spiralling them in the air, which rolls it perfectly in a split second. This video is also being reshared on other TikTok and Instagram profiles and has gained thousands of views there too.

The short video has gained thousands of comments with praises like “That’s what you call SKILL” and “You make it look so easy.” Looking at the baker's seasoned physique that reflects a lifetime of experience, there is no doubt that it takes years to master an art like this. With a gentle smile on his face, it is evident how much he is enjoying the process and what kind of admiration and respect he has for the desserts.

The profile often posts videos about their baked crafts and creations. You will never find a video where the baker does not smile enthusiastically while making the baked goods. Along with the dessert creations, they have also posted videos of delectable pasta, doughnuts, and cakes, each with thousands of plays.

Users have also exclaimed, “I can see myself doing it and slapping my face with the dough,” as it is clear that this technique is not just about a few tries and tribulations. Pure skills and sleight of hand make it look effortless and mesmerising.