Swiggy 2023: India Eats 2.5 Biryanis/Sec, Bangalore Cake Capital
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In its much-anticipated 2023 report, Swiggy India, a prominent food ordering application, disclosed fascinating insights into India's food consumption patterns. The report, covering the period from January 1 to November 23, revealed that biryani retained its crown as the nation's favourite dish for the eighth consecutive year. 

On the very first day of 2023, a staggering 4.3 lakh biryani orders were placed, underscoring the dish's unwavering popularity among Indian food enthusiasts. Highlighting the nation's passion for this culinary delight, a family from Chandigarh was noted for ordering 70 plates of biryani during a crucial India-Pakistan World Cup cricket match in October, a testament to the dish's appeal during significant events. 

Furthermore, the report unveiled a remarkable spending spree by a Mumbai user, who astonishingly spent ₹42.3 lakh on food orders through Swiggy in 2023. These highlights from Swiggy's report reflect India's deep-seated love for biryani and illustrate the diverse and vibrant culinary preferences across the country.

Here’s a glimpse of the most-ordered food items in 2023 via Swiggy.

Pizza: The Universal Choice

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Pizza, another favourite, gained significant traction during the cricket season. On the final day of the India-Australia World Cup match, Swiggy witnessed 188 pizza orders per minute. In Bhubaneswar, a household's love for pizza was evident when they ordered 207 pizzas in a single day, highlighting pizza's widespread popularity.

Japanese Cuisine Outshines Korean

Contrary to the rising trend of Korean cuisine, Japanese dishes such as sushi and ramen witnessed double the number of orders compared to their Korean counterparts, indicating a shift in preference towards Japanese flavors.

Spendthrift Foodies and Popular Cities

A Mumbai resident made headlines by spending ₹42.3 lakh on food orders in a year. Chennai, Delhi, and Hyderabad emerged as the top cities in terms of order volumes. Swiggy's Dineout feature, offering discounts, also saw significant usage, with notable savings and high dining-out frequencies recorded in various cities.

Surprising Trends in Sweets and Cakes

Swiggy's report uncovered a surprising trend in sweets, with gulab jamuns garnering over 7.7 million orders, surpassing roshogollas during Durga Puja. Chocolate cake emerged as a national favorite, particularly in Bengaluru, which was crowned the 'Cake Capital of India' with 8.5 million chocolate cake orders. Valentine’s Day saw a surge in cake orders, with 271 cakes ordered per minute nationwide. 

India's Biryani Consumption: A Phenomenon

In an astonishing revelation, Swiggy reported that India ordered 2.5 biryanis per second throughout 2023, showcasing the country's unwavering love for this dish. The report also noted a significant ratio of vegetarian to chicken biryani orders.

Festive Food Choices

Indian festivals are never without a whole lot of special pakavaan. During festive times, traditional sweets and regional dishes saw a spike in orders. Masala dosa was particularly favored during Navaratri, signifying the adaptation of festive menus to regional tastes.

Bangalore: The Chocolate Cake Haven

How many cakes can be ‘too many’ cakes? That’s often a tricky question for any cake lover. But The ‘IT Capital of India’ has got their answer on Swiggy’s annual report. Bangalore's overwhelming preference for chocolate cake led to its recognition as India's 'Cake Capital.' The city's impressive 8.5 million chocolate cake orders underscored its residents' sweet tooth.

Veganism on the Rise

With more people turning vegan by choice, 2023 has seen a remarkable increase in vegan food orders on Swiggy. From vegan brownies to vegan pizzas, the orders indicated a growing trend towards plant-based diets and conscious eating habits.

Swiggy's Culinary Chronicles

Swiggy's 2023 report, titled “How India Swiggy'd 2023 - Unwrapping India's Year in On-demand Convenience," not only highlighted the country's diverse culinary preferences but also celebrated the evolving food delivery culture in India. The report envisages many more exciting food trends and gourmet discoveries in the coming year, reflecting India's dynamic and ever-changing gastronomic landscape.