Biryani Tops The List Of Most Ordered Dish For Sixth Year In A Row: Swiggy Reports

Ask an Indian foodie to name their favourite Indian delicacies, chances are that Biryani would be on top three of the lot. Don’t believe us? The latest ‘StatEATstics report’ by Swiggy is sure to prove the same. Leading the way, sixth year in a row, Biryani hasn’t only won our taste buds repeatedly but also the title for most ordered dish in 2021. If you ask me, considering the lvoe I have seen for biryani outlets in India, I’m not even surprised. Chicken biryani continues to win hearts across India as 6,04,44,000 biryanis were ordered in 2021, reported Swiggy's sixth StatEATstics report. The dish has topped the charts six years in a row, isn’t that amazing? The food delivery app also reported how there has been an astounding increase in the number of orders for biryani. Their detailed report suggests that Indians ordered 115 biryanis per minute or "2 (1.91) biryanis per second" in 2021 as compared to 90 biryanis per minute in 2020. 

The cities who love chicken biryani most are Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Lucknow. And if you think vegetable biryani stood nowhere, that’s not true. It was ordered a lot, but just 4.3 times less than chicken biryani. Swiggy took to twitter to share the astonishing data about biryani.

 And people couldn’t agree more. One comment read “Probably 444000 biryani was ordered by me alone” while another read “The family members count would be even bigger!” More details form the data emerged regarding city-wise top dishes and guess what Mumbaikars found their comfort in? None other than the comforting- Dal Khichdi. Onn the other hand, Jaipur loved Dal Fry and Delhi went for Dal Makhani. It was Chennai who loved Chicken Biryani the most. 

The report also suggested that Indians also though of healthy food as there was also a 200% increase in orders from health-focused restaurants on Swiggy HealthHub. Not just that vegan and plant-based food orders soared by 83% with Bangalore being the most health-conscious one. 

If Samosa is what you crave with your sip of chai, I think you are also the part of the humungous orders for Samosa on the online delivery platform. Samosa became the most ordered snack of 2021 as it was ordered 5 million times this year, even beating chicken wings and Pav Bhaji, which stood at the second spot. 

 I, on the other hand would be on the list of people who found their comfort in French fries and garlic bread for my midnight movie binge. The orders post 10 pm moved to global and had all things cheesy and crispy such as cheese-garlic bread, popcorn and French fries. 

If the biryani lover in you have started to crave some just with the mere mention, we’ll help you save some money. We’ve got some of the best biryani recipes from across India right here. Go on, get your apron and start cooking.