Samosa Goes American: 7 Unique Variations to Try at Home
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Samosa has become a cultural norm in the US and a national obsession. The infatuation with samosas became so great that many delectable Americanised fusions came to light, creating unconventional recipes that feel too good to be true.

Creating amusing filings with American special dishes like Chilli con carne, spiced pumpkin, and mac n cheese, these American samosa variations are everything but ordinary. These variations demonstrate how Americans took the versatility of samosas to an unbelievably next level, melding innovation and creativity.

Some of these became a popular fascination, leaving everyone abacked. While others garnered critical acclaim and mixed views. Still, each of these variations is absolutely worth trying. Indulge in these unique American samosa variations and know what makes them special.

7 Unconventional American Samosas To Try

1) Spicy Pumpkin Samosa

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Spicy Pumpkin Samosa was first created by Trader Joe's as an autumn-season delight featuring spicy pumpkin puree as the samosa filling. At this time, when pumpkin spiced latte and pumpkin pie are savoured as essential Halloween treats, Spicy Pumpkin Samosa was an instant hit and became popular all across the country.

2) Turkey Tikka Samosa

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Turkey Tikka Samosa replaces Chicken with turkey, creating a Thanksgiving day special treat with warming Indian spices. This samosa is prepared by mixing leftover turkey dishes from last night's party with mashed potatoes, peas, spices, and condiments. Then, it is filled inside the pastries and deep-fried to make it crispy and golden.

3) Egg Samosa

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Featuring soft scrambled eggs as the filling, this Egg Samosa is a perfect breakfast snack with a satisfactory bite with the crunchy pastry. Create the Gordon Ramsay special egg scramble with mild spices, or go the extra mile by including Indian spices and make yourself a delicious samosa bite perfect for snacking anytime.

4) Apple Pie Samosa

Apple Pie Samosa transforms the delectable apple pie into handheld bites that make the experience even more special. After you've created the traditional apple pie filling, you only need to fill it inside the pastries and bake it to golden perfection.

5) Seekh Kebab Samosa

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Seekh Kebab is one of the most ordered dishes in the US after butter chicken, and it is often a highlighting item on the menu in many restaurants. Some took the enjoyment of seekh kabab to another level, filling it inside the samosa pastries and formulating a mouth-watering recipe that leaves people drooling only by its name.

6) Chilli Con Cosa - The Mexican Samosa

Chilli Con Carne is so deeply rooted in Mexican culture that even a slight fusion in the traditional recipe can make any Mexican cry. But this fusion is so innovative and delicious that even die-hard Mexicans can agree. Who would've thought the classic chilli con carne could taste so good inside a samosa?

7) Mac N Cheese Samosa

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Mac' n Cheese flows in the veins of many Americans. Several culinary experiences curated many versions of mac n cheese, many of which included vegetables, and tried infusing ketchup. But the fusion of samosa and mac' n cheese completely revolutionised this comfort food. Filling creamy mac' n cheese inside samosa pastry is the definition of innovation in the culinary world.

These American samosa variations are a must-try if you want to try something adventurous and take pride in America's culinary creations. Make them a flavourful breakfast or serve them as a party starter; in every way, these samosas taste incredibly good.