Ramadan USA 2024: 7 Smoothies To Try For Iftar
Image Credit: Pexels

Smoothies are a delicious and simple method to fuel up during the long summer fasts. To prepare, you only need a blender (you can find one hidden somewhere in the cupboards). 

These only require a few minutes of our time to complete. Smoothies are an excellent method to absorb vitamins and micronutrients from fruit and vegetables, but this does not mean people should cease eating meals at Iftar and suhoor.  

Smoothies are one of their best qualities because they are not restricted. You can add any combination of fruits and vegetables you have in your kitchen to the jug.

Do you need some motivation to get going? Try these different smoothies!

7 Smoothies To Try For Iftar

1. Green Smoothie with Four Ingredients

Green smoothies taste amazing, even if they don't appear very appetising! Additionally, they may include more nutrients than a lot of the multivitamins that are now available. Really, you can't go wrong with them. Packing a wider variety of items in there will be better for you. Any type of milk will do; it can be soy, almond, cow, or any other type you choose.

2. Delightful Pina Colada Drink

This delicious piña colada smoothie will transport you to the tropics. You can add fresh pineapple to the smoothies. Pineapple is available in season from early spring until late summer or early July. Look for it at your local farmer's markets when it's in season. The grocery shop is your next best option if you cannot locate any.

3. Smoothie With Avocado And Apples

This is the recipe for you if you want to add a bit more diversity to your green smoothie recipes! For added taste, this recipe calls for adding some avocado and an apple to the smoothie. Most green smoothies contain spinach as the primary component, but avocado is also frequently used to balance off the sweetness of the fruits.

4. Banana Smoothie 

Have you noticed that bananas are a staple in every smoothie on our list so far? A common ingredient in a lot of smoothie recipes. Because bananas ripen quickly, you can freeze them and utilise them in this smoothie if they become too ripe to eat. Greek yoghurt and frozen fruits work together to thicken the smoothie, keep it chilled, and prepare it for serving.

5. Green Blueberry Smoothie 

A recipe without bananas? Hello! This smoothie is great for those who enjoy nutritious foods and blueberries! Additionally, since the smoothie maintains its naturally occurring blue flavour, you can "hide" the spinach. It may be useful if you have trouble getting your kids to eat their fruits and vegetables. Once more, you can choose any kind of milk you like. 1%, 2%, almond, soy, and full milk.

6. Strawberry Muesli Smoothie

A quick and delectable recipe for a strawberry smoothie made with milk, bananas, oats, and strawberries! Oats can actually make a tasty and healthy addition to your smoothie. If you enjoy the taste, chia seeds are another common add-on. Although you can use any kind of milk, this recipe uses skim milk to reduce the fat level. Additionally, freeze the banana before mixing for optimal results. In this manner, it will aid in cooling the smoothie.

7. Banana and Chocolate Smoothie 

Regardless of your weight loss or gain goals throughout Ramadan, any diet plan will clearly show where you have compromised on flavour. Still, you can indulge your palate with this delicious chocolate banana smoothie. This smoothie has banana for fibre, potassium, and protein; yoghurt for better digestion; and dark chocolate for flavour and heart-healthy benefits. 

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