Ramadan 2024: 6 Rose-Flavoured Dishes To Try For Iftar
Image Credit: Unsplash

In the Islamic calendar, Ramadan is the ninth month. The Arabic term 'ramida' or 'ar-ramad', meaning searing heat or dryness, is where the name 'Ramadan' originates. Prophet Muhammad received the revelation of the Holy Quran during this austere and pious month. Muslims refrain from immoral speech and deeds and foster a sense of goodwill and fraternity among themselves as a way to remember the revelation. Fasts are maintained during the day. Also, meals are only taken twice a day—during Sehri, which is before daybreak, and Iftar, which is after dusk. Families meet together in the evenings to break the fast. It is traditional to break the fast and begin Iftar with a rose-flavoured beverage in the evening. Rose is also a common ingredient in sweets and traditional treats.

A logical reason why rose is often used in the summer since it imparts a cool effect on the body. The rose adds a terrific touch of beauty to ordinary meals; its petals are frequently used as a garnish to give food a more regal appearance. You should try these delectable rose-flavoured dishes for Ramadan.

Rose-Infused Dates

Symbolic of the customary method of breaking the fast, dates are a staple food throughout Ramadan. This traditional dessert is elevated when rose syrup is added to the dates. To absorb the taste, just pit the dates, fill them with a tiny quantity of rose syrup, and then let them sit for a few hours. Every bite delivers a wonderful explosion of flavour thanks to the marriage of fragrant rose essence with sweet dates.

Rosewater Fruit Salad

Treat your palate to a bright, aromatic, rosewater-infused fruit salad. In a big bowl, mix together a number of your favourite fruits, such as oranges, strawberries, melons, and grapes. Coat the fruits equally by gently tossing them in a combination of rose water and honey. For a cool, pleasant dessert alternative that is also nutritious, chill the salad before serving.

Rose Milk

Pour yourself a cool glass of rose milk to start your iftar. Mix some rose water with some cold milk and a small amount of sugar or honey for sweetness. For an added touch of refinement, stir well and decorate with dried rose petals or crushed pistachios. After a day of fasting, this beautiful yet simple drink will hydrate you as its delicate flower perfume entices your senses.

Gulab Phirni

Nothing can dispute the fact that Phirni is Kheer's close relative. The flavour and texture of this oozy, aromatic, and indulgent treat are highly cherished. However, have you ever considered phirni with a rose flavour? If not, now is your chance to give it a try and enjoy a delicious dessert. In addition to having rose syrup, gulab phirni is also topped with dried rose petals.

Gulab Pak

This dish's flavour and texture make it the epitome of "decadent" and "royalty." This is a delightful, gooey, aromatic Gujarati dish prepared with dried rose petals, khoya, and dry fruits. Additionally, the scent of desi ghee really makes you want more. So why hold off? This Gulab Pak will undoubtedly fulfil all of your cravings, so try it this Ramadan.

Rose Masala Chai

Add a little rose essence to your standard masala chai to make it more delicious. Add some rose water to the tea or simmer some fresh rose petals with the standard spices for chai. The outcome is a pleasant, calming cup of tea with a surprising floral undertone.