Panch Phoron: 5 Spices, Benefits And Reasons To Include In Diet
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Panch Phoran, or panch phoron is a mixture of 5 spices prominently used in the eastern parts of the Indian subcontinent. The name itself translates to “five spices” and it is a common ingredient in Bangladeshi, Bhojpuri, Oriya, and Assamese cuisine. Unlike other spice blends, combines a blend of whole seeds that defines the depth and enhances the overall flavour profile of the dish. 

The seeds of cumin, brown mustard, fenugreek, nigella, and fennel create this unique spice blend. Each of these five spices derives its unique flavours to the dish, creating a harmonised blend of subtle yet strong flavours. Using the seeds whole derives deeper flavours and retains the natural oil in the seeds for bringing a bolder and full-bodied taste.

These five spices, along with being a flavourful condiment to the dish, also contain several complex nutrients that make every dish an enriching delight. Discover the benefits of each spice in Panch Phoron and learn creative ways to include this in your diet.

Learn These Benefits Of 5 Spices In Panch Phoron

1) Cumin

Cumin seeds are known for their excellent digestive properties that support the digestive system. More than just being a flavouring agent, cumin contains a lot of potential health benefits that treat a variety of ailments. In studies conducted by NIH, cumin was found effective against a variety of diseases, including hypolipidemia, cancer, and diabetes. Several dieticians today suggest drinking boiled water with cumin seeds to help in reducing weight. Adding roasted cumin seeds to dishes will enrich every dish with these benefits.

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2) Mustard

Mustard seeds have long been used in medicinal practices all over India. The seeds of mustard are enriched with nutrients like iron, calcium, zinc, manganese, and dietary fibre. Studies conducted by NIH have shown that mustard seeds contain antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, mustard seeds are also helpful in treating cardiovascular health and have pain-relieving properties. Roasting mustard seeds before use makes the flavour stronger and activates the natural oils in the seed. Check out the article below to get more information on the health benefits of mustard.

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3) Fenugreek

Fenugreek seeds are known for their warming tendency and delightfully bitter nutty, and earthy flavour. The seeds of fenugreek differ a lot in taste from the greens. Fenugreek seeds contain dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals along with high levels of antioxidants. Each seed is packed with benefits that can help you treat problems like oxidative stress and several chronic diseases. The research conducted by NIH has shown that along with having antioxidants, fenugreek also contains anti-carcinogenic, gastroprotective, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, immunological, antiobesity, and hepatoprotective effects, and is also beneficial to women’s health, especially mothers.

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4) Nigella Seeds

Nigella Seeds, also known as Black Cumin or Kalonji have been used in the treatment of several ailments around the world for centuries. It is also a profoundly used spice in Ayurvedic science. Studies conducted by NIH have demonstrated that the main active constituent of Nigella sativa, thymoquinone, is medicinally very effective against various illnesses including different chronic illnesses. Nigella Seeds are useful in treating neurological disorders and mental illness along with cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and diabetes. It is also effective against infections and bacteria. You can add it to your breads and curries to make it more flavourful.

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5) Fennel

Fennel are famously used as an aftermeal mouth freshener. Each kernel of fennel is filled with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc as well as vitamins and antioxidants. The essential oils in fennel seeds like anethole aid in digestion and boost enzyme secretion. Moreover, fennel is also rich in fibre, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties coupled with numerous nutrients. Studies have shown that daily consumption of fennel is necessary to enjoy all of these benefits and it also infuses dishes with a refreshing and earthy sweet taste.

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These five elements of Panch Phoron will not only fill your dishes with flavours but also supplement it with various nutrient-rich benefits. These spices can be creatively used in a variety of dishes like pizza, garlic breads, curries, pickles, etc. Add these spices to your diet and enrich every meal with health benefits.