5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Fennel Seeds
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Fennel seeds, also known as saunf, are the base ingredient used in mukhwas which is a widely used post-meal refreshment In India. The benefits of fennel seeds have been highlighted in Ayurvedic science and are embraced all over India. 

Apart from being a refreshing after-meal snack, fennel seeds are also recognised for their sweet, liquorice-like flavour that can provide an earthy, sweet taste to recipes. Along with being a flavourful addition to meals, their health benefits are beyond par.

These seeds are rich in various minerals like calcium, magnesium, and zinc along with vitamins and antioxidants. These properties make them a superfood in everyday diet. Know these amazing health benefits of fennel seeds and include them in your diet to boost your health.

5 Reasons To Include Fennel In Your Diet

1) Filled With Essential Oils 

Fennel seeds are a host of essential oils that offer numerous health benefits. Anethole, a key component found in fennel seeds, is associated with several benefits. In research conducted by NIH, it was revealed that anethole helps curb appetite while fennel oil aids digestion by boosting enzyme secretion. Anethole, along with fenchone, and estragole helps relieve constipation and bloating. Essential oils like limonene combat free radicals, freshen the breath, and purify blood which makes it a powerful natural remedy.

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2) Rich In Fibre

Fennel seeds offer rich fibre content which aids weight loss by curbing hunger. These seeds work as diuretics which help boost metabolism and become a catalytic ingredient in a weight loss diet. Studies conducted by NIH have shown that dietary fibres play a huge role in preventing cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, they help in keeping the body full for longer durations. Daily consumption of fennel seeds is the quick shedding of extra pounds. Eating just two tablespoons of fennel seeds fulfils the daily recommended intake of 25-30 grams. Fibre in fennel seeds also aid in digestion and relieves constipation.

3) Antibacterial, Antifungal, and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Contributing to its digestive properties, the antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of the seeds do wonders for overall well-being. Studies related to these properties of fennel have shown that Anethole present in fennel exhibits antimicrobial effects which inhibit bacteria growth and production of gas. The components in fennel help in combating food poisoning and treat an upset stomach quickly. Along with this, fennel seeds reduce inflammation and soothe intestinal swelling, relieving stomach discomfort.

4) Filled With Nutrients

Fennel seeds are rich in nutrients like potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, and iron along with vitamin C. Each nutrient contributes to a distinct health benefit for the body. Potassium in fennel seeds regulates body fluid levels and blood pressure. Also, it boosts nitrite levels in saliva, aiding blood pressure control. Vitamin C in these seeds boosts immunity. Manganese along with magnesium, and calcium improves metabolism, strengthens bone health and controls blood sugar levels. The minerals like selenium and zinc in the extracts of fennel seeds protect the skin, balance hormones and treat numerous skin issues. Not only that, Vitamin A in fennel supports eye health.

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5) Have Anti Cancer Properties

The benefits of fennel are not over yet. In addition to all of this, fennel has also been proven helpful against chronic diseases like cancer. The research has shown that anethole has been shown to have cancer-fighting qualities. In the NIH study, it was revealed that anethole has a phenomenal ability to suppress cancer-causing cells. Adding to this, anethole also aids breastfeeding mothers in lactation by stimulating galactagogues which mimics estrogen's action and promotes milk secretion. The cancer-fighting properties in fennel are linked with neutralizing free radicals and combating oxidative stress.

These potent health benefits of fennel make it a superfood of modern and busy times. Not only does it give you a reason to chew a mouthful of this seed every day, but it also gives you an excuse to add it to your meals.