Mother’s Day 2024: 7 Breakfast-In-Bed Ideas To Make For Your Mom
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The efforts that any mother puts in creating the life of her kids can never be compared to anything else. From school lunch to early breakfast for the office, she makes sure her child gets the best nourishment. Ofcourse, no amount is enough to repay this, but she surely deserves to know how important her role is in our lives. And one way to make her feel important is by pampering her to make her feel loved.

Sure, gifts can be a good gesture, but for any mom nothing compares to the comfort of thoughtful food made by the hands of her child, especially for her. And serving it in bed is definitely a great idea. When she wakes up to the delicious aroma of freshly toasted bread with her favourite dish, nothing can be as exciting for her.

Certainly, the kitchen will be a mess if you are a beginner, but the smile on her face makes all the effort worth it. If you are confused about what recipes can be served in bed, here are some delicious recipes you can try. Tweak the ingredients based on her preferences and make it even more exciting.

7 Breakfast In Bed Ideas For Mother's Day

1) Overnight Pancakes

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Overnight pancakes are one of the best make-ahead breakfast recipes. With early preparation, you can make sure your mom gets the best pancakes ever. Just mix the batter the night before and store it in a refrigerator overnight. Cook the pancakes in the morning, and add her favourite toppings to show some extra love.

2) Bagel Sandwich

You can make fresh bagels effortlessly from scratch with just three ingredients — greek yoghurt, flour and egg. Just mix it up to make a smooth dough, shape it into a bagel, glaze with egg wash and sesame seeds and bake in the preheated oven for a few minutes. When the bagels get ready, make a quick breakfast sandwich with it to serve.

3) Heart Toast with Sunny Side Up

One way to serve your heart on the plate is by making a heart-shaped egg in a hole toast with some cheese shreds on top. Cut a heart on the bread with a cookie cutter, place it on a pan and break an egg in the middle. As the egg cooks, top it with some cheese and seasonings and serve with her favourite sides.

4) Avocado Toast

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Avocado toast can be served with a variety of sides and dips and is really quick and easy to make. You can either smash or slice the avocado to place on the toast. Sprinkle it with her choice of spices and drizzle some olive oil for flavour. Side it with morning coffee to start the morning right.

5) Vegetable Quiche

If you are looking for a wholesome one-pan recipe, vegetable quiche can be a perfect option. It is made with a buttery crust filled with a savoury mixture of eggs, cream, cheese, and a variety of fresh vegetables such as spinach, mushrooms, onions, and bell peppers. This elegant-looking tart filled with her favourite ingredients won't fail to impress.

6) Spring Salad

A delicious salad can be a refreshing way to start the day. With all the spring special produce, you can make a quick and delicious salad with their choice of dressings and seasonings. Make it all green or go for mixed colours, with the versatility of salad you can let your creativity unfold.

7) Cheddar Biscuits with Scrambled Eggs

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Cheddar Biscuits with Scrambled Eggs is a delightful breakfast in bed featuring a combination of fluffy Biscuits and creamy eggs. The buttery biscuits, loaded with cheesy goodness perfectly complement the fluffy scrambled eggs. It is Easy to prepare,so you can show her your love with a comforting homemade meal.

Make sure to choose the recipes that make a little mess on bed, because the last thing you'd want is to make your mom angry. Make her entire day special with this thoughtful gift and surprise her with your culinary talent.