Mother’s Day Drinks: Raise A Toast To The Lovely Mothers With These Yummy Cocktail Recipes
Image Credit: Pixabay, Say cheers with your mothers today!

After so much hullabaloo, the day is finally here. The day to rejoice and celebrate the unending love of a mother for her kids. Right from the day we are born to till the day we are capable to doing things ourselves, there’s a woman that we will always find behind us, protecting us from all the negative energies and giving us the all that we need. The lady who has made most sacrifices to give us a better life and always fed us, even at midnight, it is time to celebrate and acknowledge her love. A lot of us may enjoy going out for parties and having fun with our friends, how about spending some time with our mothers today. 

While India is celebrating Mother’s Day today, the day falls somewhere between March to May for different countries across the globe. Cancel all your plans and begin the day by giving her a tight hug when she wakes up. Prepare a nice breakfast in bed for her. Let her sit and relax while you do all the household chores for her. This day, you need to giddy-up and also start making some delicious brunch for her and get all her friends home for a fun-filled day. Organise interesting games, prepare her favourite food and pamper her like she’s always been doing for you. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to be the bartender of the day whip up some delicious cocktails for the mother gang.

Raise a toast to the lovely mothers out there with these yummy cocktails today. 

1.  Horse’s Neck 

This may sound funny at first but is one of the easiest cocktails that you can make at home. Made with just two ingredients, the spiraled lemon rind is the highlight of the drink. All you need is some brandy and ginger ale and the lemon peel will do its job. The cocktail also gets its name due to the long lemon peel which looks like an elongated horse’s neck. 

2.  Cherry Cranberry Smash 

A light and breezy cocktail, the smash is a delight to the taste buds. It should be savoured slowly with all the food. For the boozy effect, you would need some rum, sparkling water and white wine. Flavoured with cranberry juice and pops of cherry, the drink has a bright reddish hue. 

3.  Strawberry Bellini 

This one goes perfect for a lazy afternoon meal like brunch. For Mother’s Day, your mom and her friends are going to love a strawberry-flavoured cocktail, infused with brandy and some sparkling wine. You can mix in some sugar for added sweetness. 

4.  Berry Rosé Sangria 

Is your mother a fan of rosé? Then this cocktail will definitely bring a smile on her face. Made with rose wine, vodka and raspberries and strawberries, you just need to add some lemon lime soda and simple syrup to make it sweet and citrusy. 

5.  Blushing Mimosa Cocktail 

For a change of scene and taste, here’s an orange-coloured cocktail coming your way. Mixed with orange and pineapple juice, the champagne taste really well with a pinch of grenadine syrup.