Gluten-Free Retreat: 7 Healthy Nuggets To Add To Your Diet
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With the rise of healthy eating trends, gluten-free recipes, especially nuggets, are booming exponentially. These nuggets not only give way to make an abstinence-free treat for allergic people, but they also serve as a healthy option for a weight loss diet.

The concept of gluten-free nuggets basically means employing ingredients that exclude gluten in any form. From flour to breading and even seasonings, everything is switched with gluten-free alternatives that make the nuggets relatively healthy and are also perfectly suitable for people with certain allergies. Some of the gluten-free flour options include rice, oats, millet, sorghum, buckwheat, and almond flour which naturally lack gluten in them. You can also buy gluten-free crisps from the supermarket to make a crust, or you can use chips or cornflakes too.

Apart from chicken nuggets, there are a bunch of different nugget recipes that add to the joy of eating nuggets. With variations including vegetables and even lentils, you can make yourself a health-packed treat while satisfying the hankering of crispy goodness. To enhance the health profile, opt for oil-free cooking methods like air frying or baking. Try these different gluten-free nugget recipes.

7 Gluten-Free Nuggets To Snack On

1) Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

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Just like regular chicken nuggets, this recipe simply switches ingredients with gluten-free alternatives. Even when not using all-purpose flour, this recipe turns out equally delicious and much more healthy. Coat it with rice flour and cornflakes for the crust and use gluten-free spices for seasoning.

2) Gluten-Free Vegetable Nuggets

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Using low-calorie vegetables like leafy greens, olives, zucchini, tomato, fennel, beets, and potatoes, in addition to gluten-free ingredients, vegetable nuggets is a perfect resolve for a health-packed treat.

3) Gluten-free Lentil Nuggets

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Lentils are naturally free of gluten, and their nutrient profile makes them a fantastic option to add to the diet. Lentils like red lentils and black lentils with the addition of zucchini, potatoes, and carrots create a delectable crunchy treat perfect for any time snacking.

4) Gluten-Free Mushroom Nuggets

Mushrooms also are naturally gluten-free and can be an ideal option to make nuggets. You can use different mushrooms like enoki mushroom, shitake mushroom or oyster mushrooms for the recipe. Simply coat the mushrooms with rice flour and crumbled cornflakes and air fry to make them crispy golden.

5) Gluten-Free Potato Nuggets

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Potatoes, while being high in carbs, are surprisingly free from gluten and can be a source of energy. By simply mashing boiled potatoes, mixing them with spices and seasonings, making small balls out of it, coating them with flour and crumbs and air frying them till golden, you can make these nuggets in no time.

6) Gluten-Free Rice Nuggets

Rice is the ultimate satisfaction inducer and a source of energy when you need something to fill the gut. It is high in carbs that act as a fuel source for the body. Apart from being high-carb food, it is free from gluten and can be a perfect ingredient to make nuggets with. You can mix in several vegetables and seasonings to enhance the flavour.

7) Gluten-Free Egg Nuggets

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Eggs are a source of protein and are free from gluten. Its high nutrient content is what makes it so rewarding with every bite. You can make egg nuggets by mashing boiled eggs and mixing them with boiled vegetables and gluten-free flour like pearl millet flour, rice flour or finger millet flour. Then make small balls, coat them with crumbs and air fry them till they become crispy golden.

If you are switching to a gluten-free diet or are already on it, these different nugget recipes are a must-try for you. With healthy ingredients and the making process, you can turn your snacktime into a nutritious fulfilment.