No-Fuss Snacking: 7 Airfryer Nuggets To Enjoy Late At Night
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When late-night cravings call for some crunchy nuggets but the mind hesitates for the sake of health, that's where an airfryer can be your saviour. With just this one piece of equipment, you can whip up so many healthy snack recipes in no time and please both heart and mind.

With so many options to try, it's easy to get confused while deciding what to eat. The best answer remains, prepare the snack whose ingredients are available at home right at the moment. One perfect option that fits this bill is nuggets.

From vegetables to eggs and poultry, there are several variations in which you can make healthiest nuggets with an air fryer. Try these healthy nuggets recipes for late-night hunger pangs that keep you full and pleased.

7 Easy Peasy Nuggets To Make With An Airfryer

1) Vegetable Nuggets

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You can use up all the leftover vegetables in your fridge for making these nuggets. Gather carrots, beans, cabbage, capsicum, corn, and all other vegetables together. Grate them and mix them to create a fine mixture with seasonings of choice, form small balls, coat in breadcrumbs and air fry until golden brown.

2) Chicken Nuggets

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If you have leftover chicken in your fridge, take it out, shred it and make these crispy chicken nuggets for late-night snacks. From chicken gravy to chicken tandoori, almost every chicken dish can be converted to tasty nuggets.

3) Potato Nuggets

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Using mashed potatoes is an easy option that turns out to be the tastiest nuggets ever. It's easily available at home all the time and doesn't need anything extra to make it better.  You can add in cheese and seasonings if you like to go the extra mile.

4) Cauliflower Nuggets

Cauliflower provides an instant energy boost and satisfies the cravings without disrupting sleep. Just grate cauliflower to a fine texture, mix it with seasonings and herbs, add some cheese, bind it together into balls and coat it with breadcrumbs. Then air fry it until golden brown and you're done!

5) Zucchini Nuggets

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Zucchini is another beneficial vegetable for late-night snacks that provides relief from hunger and aids your sleep. First, zucchini is grated to fine strands and mixed with cheese, seasonings and spices. Then it is bound together by whisking in one egg and made into small balls. After that, these balls are air fried to turn golden and crispy.

6) Egg Nuggets

Soft from the inside, and crispy from the outside, egg nuggets is all you need to get the utmost satisfaction you're craving in the middle of the night. For making these nuggets, you need to steam the seasoned beaten eggs in a casserole for 15 minutes until it turn firm. Then dice the steamed eggs to bite sizes, coat them with breadcrumbs and air fry to make it crispy.

7) Paneer Nuggets

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Paneer is always a useful and extremely delicious ingredient with which you can make many tasty snacks in just a few minutes. The process of making paneer nuggets is pretty straightforward. First, marinate paneer pieces for 5 minutes in some spices to infuse the flavours inside. After that coat the paneer pieces with breadcrumbs and air fry them till they look crispy and delicious.

These nugget recipes are a no-brainer and can make a delightful treat for your taste buds while keeping up with your health goals. You can try your own experiments with these recipes and make the best use of an air fryer when you're yearning for something crunchy late at night.