Easter 2024: 7 Starters For A Memorable Festive Feast
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Easter is all about new beginnings and the start of something good. And so, it is important to start the festive feast with something indulging and delightful that makes way for flavours to unfold. On such a special occasion, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the number of choices for starters that pair your menu well. If you can relate to this, the best option for you is to start considering what foods represent the spirit of the festival well.

There are many traditional foods that are considered a crucial part of Easter. Some of them are eggs, lamb, ham, buns and cheese. Despite the changes in the customs from region to region, these customary foods remain the same. Therefore, since the list has narrowed down so much, it is time for you to employ these essential foods when you're planning starters as well.

Consider these delightful starters with Easter special foods and mark a flavourful start of the feast.

7 Easter Special Starters For Festive Meals

1) Eggs Benedict

Eggs benedict combines the eggs, english muffin and crispy ham creating a flavourful starter option for dinner as well as brunch. The bright colours that come from every ingredient symbolise the spirit of spring at its best.

2) Lamb Meatballs

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A perfect companion to serve with pita bread, the succulent Lamb meatballs immersed in a decadent curry are a joyful treat for the tastebuds. This recipe becomes increasingly indulging as the flavours of every spice oozes out with each bite.

3) Ham and Cheese Sliders

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This recipe combines four of the most important foods for Easter; ham, eggs, cheese and bun. The best part about Ham and cheese sliders is you can make large batches at the same time, which also makes it a perfect option for last-minute preparation.

4) Mini Burgers

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Mini burger bites skewered with a toothpick showcase layers of small lamb croquette, ham, lettuce, cheese and sauces layered on top of each other. These tiny burgers not only look good but also taste extremely delicious.

5) Devilled Eggs

Simple deviled eggs can be a highlight of the table and you can create this recipe with as many variations as you want. Include pieces of crispy ham and bacon or add cheese, with several options available, you can serve a variety of choices with just one preparation.

6) Parma Ham Rolls

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Rolling slices of parma ham around pieces of cheese and adding sun-dried tomato and basil leaf in the middle can make a perfect no-cook appetiser for your Easter feast. This simple yet delicious starter will steal all the spotlight on the table.

7) Lamb Nuggets

Simple lamb nuggets can add life to the entire party menu. These deliciously good lamb nuggets turn out crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, leaving everyone wanting more.

Make these delectable Easter special starters for the festival and add joy to the festivities. After you make these starters once, you will be asked to bring these starters to every party.