Easter 2024: 7 Egg-Based Dishes To Brighten Up The Festival
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Eggs have long been connected to Easter as they symbolise new life and birth. Eggs have been a part of springtime festivities and as for the Christian perspective, it represented the resurrection of Jesus. In the early days, there were several meanings associated with Eggs and thus several customs and activities were formed to celebrate the symbolism of eggs in many ways.

Easter marks the ending of the 40-day Lent period which is observed to commemorate Jesus’s 40-day fast during his time in the desert in the middle of Satan’s enduring temptation. Eating eggs on Easter marks the end of this 40-day period of abstinence and is also offered to church on Good Friday. There’s also one activity called egg rolling which symbolises the opening of Jesus’s tomb when the stone that was covering the opening got rolled away, after which Jesus emerged from the tomb.

On this special day, egg treats are therefore considered an important part of the festivities. This Easter, delight your friends and family by gracing your table with these traditional egg-based recipes.

7 Egg Recipes For Easter Party

1) Easter Breakfast Casserole

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Eggs casserole is one of the principal Easter brunch dishes that make a wholesome meal for the entire family. To make an egg casserole for Easter, just break 8-10 large eggs in a casserole dish and mix it with milk, salt and pepper. Then add ingredients of your choice like ham, sausage, bacon or veggies and top it with cheese. Bake the casserole and serve it hot.

2) Egg Nests

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Eggs in a nest symbolise new beginnings. Grace your easter brunch table with these adorable egg nests that’ll bring a smile to everyone’s face. Egg Nests can serve as a starter or a main course for your meals. You can make large batches of egg nests at one time using a muffin pan and use hashbrowns to make the nest.

3) Egg in a Hole Grilled Bread

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What can be better than gooey and bright yellow egg yolk sitting inside a crusty and flavourful bread? Egg in a hole is one of the fanciest ways to eat eggs with bread which also brightens up the mood and tantalises the taste buds. Just by making a hole in bread, cracking an egg in it and topping it with your favourite ingredients can make you an indulging brunch dish perfect to pair with a variety of dishes.

4) Eggs Benedict

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Eggs benedict can be a fun addition to Easter brunch as it represents the bright colours of Spring in a delicious way. Colours of bright asparagus, crispy bacon, yellow sunny side up and pink peppercorns give a perfect balance of hues in this recipe.

5) Egg Biryani

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For a wholesome one-pot meal recipe with eggs, Egg Biryani can be your perfect resolve. This dish combines warming and soothing flavours of a variety of spices and flavourings that add vigour to the brunch party. Boiled eggs immersed with spicy flavours and trapped beneath aromatic basmati rice create a memorable repast for the entire family.

6) Easter Shakshuka

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Shakshuka comes from the Maghreb region of Africa and features poached eggs immersed in a flavourful sauce of tomato, onions, garlic, and spices. This recipe can be a perfect gravy to pair with your bread, rice and other dishes. The creamy balance of eggs and spices engraves its taste on the tongue with every bite.

7) Souffle Omelette

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If you are bored of regular omelettes, try this cloudy souffle omelette recipe which is well liked by adults and children alike. By just seasoning with pepper and salt, this recipe tastes incredibly good and can steal your heart with just one bite.

This Easter, give a fun feast to your family and friends by making eggs the star of your table. These egg recipes will surely make everyone a fan of your cooking and it will also make this festival a lasting memory.