Durian Delight: 7 Indian Desserts To Make This Season
Image Credit: Pexels

For durian, just a few people would concur with the heavenly description of the taste. Durian is a contentious fruit. While some ardently support the odd fruit and extol its flavour, others condemn durians as repulsive and repulsive. 

In a program episode, celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain described the fruit's flavour as something you either love or hate. The texture of durian is not as buttery as that of cherimoya or avocado, but it is creamier and richer than that of rubbery jackfruit. 

Its flavour is a strange concoction of avocado, banana, cherimoya/custard apple, vanilla, garlic, and a ton of onion powder combined to create durian. Perfectly ripe durian has a spicy, smoky, sweet, and decidedly musky flavour. 

Now that one knows about the fruit. One needs to make sure they are careful with preparation and get the best desserts. 

7 Indian Durian Desserts To Make This Season

1. Durian Kulfi

Creamy and indulgent, Durian Kulfi blends have a rich, custard-like texture similar to traditional Indian frozen desserts. To prepare this, ripe durian pulp is blended with condensed milk, thick cream, and cardamom. The mixture is then poured into kulfi moulds and left to freeze until set. Nuts and delicate saffron strands can be added to it, too. 

2. Durian Lassi

Durian Lassi is very different from classic Indian yoghurt-based drinks. Ripe durian flesh is blended with yoghurt, sugar, and milk to achieve a smooth consistency. The blend is adjusted to taste and chilled before serving. It can be garnished with ground cardamom and a fresh mint leaf and many more toppings according to preference.

3. Durian Phirni

Durian Phirni is prepared by cooking rice with milk, sugar, and durian pulp until thickened to a creamy consistency. Cardamom and saffron elevate the flavour of the dish. One can garnish it with chopped pistachios and rose petals, too. One can also add different ice-cream to enhance the flavour when it is cold to make a fusion. 

4. Durian Halwa

Durian Halwa is a rich and dense sweet treat made by cooking durian pulp with ghee, sugar, and semolina until it reaches a thick consistency. The halwa is flavoured with cardamom and saffron, too. The slivered almonds and a sprinkle of edible gold dust can make the dish royal. Halwa can be made with extra ripe pulps, but one should also consider this dessert because of the smell. 

5. Durian Peda

Durian Peda is a soft and melt-in-your-mouth Indian sweet made by cooking khoya (reduced milk solids) with durian pulp, sugar, and cardamom. The peda is shaped into small rounds and is cute looking. These pedas are a delightful treat for special occasions for sure. One can elevate its taste by using crushed pistachios, camphor and so on. 

6. Durian Rabri

Durian Rabri is made by slow-cooking milk with sugar until it thickens and reduces. Durian pulp is then added to the mixture with spices and sweeteners of choice. It can be garnished with chopped almonds and a dusting of ground cinnamon. Rabri is also a very opinionated dessert. Rabri is not recommended to be made if someone has not tasted it before. 

7. Durian Mousse

Durian Mousse is a light dessert that has whipped cream with durian puree and sugar according to taste. Chilled until set, this mousse has a velvety texture and a bold durian flavour. It tastes like blue cheese when it is sweet. It can be garnished with chocolate, whipped cream, sprinklers, and much more.

Durian can be a bold choice at the dinner table but sure it is adventurous. Durian makes up for a great taste and is sweet on its own. The only down factor is the smell. If someone doesn’t mind the smell it is perfectly indulgent and exotic to try.