Chicago Restaurant Sandwiches Named After Swift’s Boyfriend
Image Credit: Travis Kelce (Flickr), The Catching Kelce (@alltoowellchicago via Instagram)

Chicago is known for its glamorous charm that has become a unique destination for food and pop culture enthusiasts. Known for its hot dogs, pizzas, sandwiches along with music craze, this city is a destination for both music and food lovers. In the dining scenery of this city, there is one such restaurant that melds the pop culture with food. The All Too Well sandwich restaurant is inspired by the pop artist Taylor Swift and was even named after her song "All Too Well" from the album "Red."

The restaurant has captured the hearts of Taylor Swift fans with its newest addition on the menu named after her NFL player boyfriend Travis Kelce. The sandwich, “Catching Kelce”, was announced in late autumn but since his team, the Kansas City Chiefs, has recently won the 2024 Super Bowl, the restaurant is gathering crowds as a popular spot for Swifties in Chicago.

The restaurant  All Too Well is known for its interesting items on the menu named after famous celebrities, to which Kelce has been the newest addition. Since its establishment, the restaurant has been a special spot for fans of Taylor Swift and those who love to eat sandwiches named after their favourite celebrity.

Image Credit: @alltoowellchicago via Instagram

The sandwich “Catching Kelce” features shaved ribeye, sharp cheddar cheese, garlic aioli, tabouli, au jus dipping sauce, grill pressed buns. The sandwich exemplifies owner Mitchell Aboujamra's fondness for naming sandwiches after people and places he cares about. Football is indeed an unexpected inspiration to the pop culture charm of the restaurant, still, the sandwich finds its special place on the menu akin to the likes of fans that adore the love chemistry of Taylor and Kelce.

The restaurant's website explains why this one-of-a-kind gourmet wonder exists. Embracing the "TS life," as highlighted on the menu, the restaurant also shows a true admiration for the love bond between Swift and Kelce.

Beyond Chicago, the Kelce-inspired sandwich phenomenon has spread to Edwardsville, Kansas too. In their podcast "New Heights," Travis and Jason Kelce discussed the "New Heights Club" sandwich available at Grill 32. This sandwich combines the flavor of Philadelphia cheesesteak with Kansas City barbecue which is a combination that honors the Kelce brothers' football background and successes.

In the podcast, the Kelce brother duo of Travis and Jason reacted so affectionately to this sandwich named after them.  Expressing gratitude to Grill 32, Kelce endorsed the restaurant on the podcast and talked about how the recipe features his favourites.