UK Baker's Viral Taylor Swift Cake Caught Super Bowl Spotlight
Image Credit: Lara Cakes | X (Twitter)

Celebrations are incomplete without a cake. This is especially true when it comes to marking the significant milestones and adding a layer of festivity to every victory. Celebrating the win of the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl, a UK baker made a hyper-realistic life-size Taylor Swift cake that perfectly captures the excitement and spirit of victory.

The baker, Lara Marson, has gained millions of views on TikTok and thousands of praises on X (formerly Twitter). She said that it was a “perfect opportunity” for her to finally make a cake sculpture of the idol she adores the most. The cake features Swift wearing her classic Kansas City Chiefs sweatshirt with black jeans and Nike sneakers and holding the Super Bowl Trophy high above her head.

This red velvet vanilla masterpiece took her a whopping 38 hours over a stretch of a week to bring it to life. The fact that it took 130 kgs of ingredients is blowing everyone’s mind. Marson has documented the entire process on TikTok which gained over 3 million views. The talented baker is known for making life-size models, but this cake earned a whole new level of appreciation and recognition. It feels like the ultimate homage to Taylor and the spirit of the Super Bowl.

Despite not being a die hard Swiftie, Marson baked this cake totally out of admiration she has for Taylor Swift’s powerful and influential personality. She said that Taylor Swift was on top of her list for a long time and the Super Bowl gave her a perfect opportunity to finally make it.

Marson began her baking career 13 years ago and was inspired by US TV shows that show baker making extravagant life-size cakes. She said that watching the shows at first made it look effortless but when she tried it herself, she realised how hard the process can actually be.  After so many years her creations are buzzing all over the internet. The comment section of her social media is flooded with  compliments and praises like  "Ahhhmazing!! Wow! Very talented," and "Gurllll… you've  got mad skills!"

Making the cake was a big challenge for her. She mentioned that in creations with imperfect features, it is easy to overlook small nitches and flaws, but when it comes to making beautiful personalities like Taylor Swift, every detail needs to be on point.

Apart from making this cake to fill the spirit with the sweet presence of Taylor, Marson hasn't dismissed the idea of slicing her creation for a halftime snack. She said that the temperature in the UK is perfect for preserving the cake for three to four weeks and it will help in savouring the cake gradually as it lasts.