7 Best Non-Alcoholic Summer Special Indian Beverages
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In Indian cuisine, beverages are an important element that signifies Cultural heritage and Hospitality. In this country, you don't need to include alcohol to make any beverage a special treat. This is a speciality of India that no other country can replicate well.

India makes its non-alcoholic beverages like nothing else. From lassi to chaas, every beverage is so delicious that you won’t need any other reason to savour it. Many of these drinks are claimed globally for their rich taste and texture, and many of them are also revered as the best drinks in the world.

When talking about summer special drinks, these Indian beverages are excellent coolers that ward off the heat from the mind as well as the body. Made using only organic ingredients, these beverages act as health boosters and provide numerous health benefits in the heat of summer.

7 Must-Try Non-Alcoholic Indian Summer Drinks

1) Mango Lassi

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Mango Lassi has been rated as the best dairy beverage in the world. Those who have tasted this drink know it is the best. Combining the tangy flavour of mango and the comfort of creamy milk, this lassi tastes like heaven. The addition of spices enhances the flavour to the next level.

2) Mattha

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Mattha or buttermilk is a savoury and cooling Indian beverage made with churned yoghurt and water, along with spices like cumin, salt, and sometimes mint or coriander leaves. It is often referred as chhaas in various parts of India. The overwhelming flavour of this drink gives a soothing and cooling experience with each sip.

3) Sattu Sharbat

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Sattu, or roasted gram flour is the star ingredient of this refreshing drink. It is mixed with water, lemon juice, jaggery, and salt to create a thin beverage. Cumin powder or black salt is added for a kick to add more flavour. Sattu, being a nutritious ingredient, makes this drink a soul-satisfying pleasure.

4) Aam Panna

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Aam Panna combines the refreshment of raw mangoes to create this thirst-quenching drink. Its refreshing properties make it a satisfying drink for summer. The mango pulp is mixed with jaggery, water, and cumin along with black salt and mint leaves.

5) Kokum Sharbat

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Kokum Sharbat is popular in the coastal regions of India, including Maharashtra, Goa, and Karnataka. This drink is made by soaking dry kokum fruits in water Along with jaggery, which results in a beautiful purple colour drink resembling the bright colour of the Spring season.

6) Thandai

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Thandai is a Holi special beverage that features Milk and sugar as the main ingredient and bhaang or cannabis leaves are added that give a feeling of euphoria and relaxation. Bhaang has several medicinal properties and is known for treating several illnesses as well.

7) Jal Jeera

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Jal Jeera translates to water with cumin powder, and it might sound a little undone; both ingredients pair harmoniously to create a refreshing beverage. Along with cumin, other spices like black pepper, mint leaves, coriander leaves, and tamarind are also added to the drink.

These summer special non-alcoholic beverages are truly a hydrating replenishment for both body and mind and will make you forget about the extravagant cocktails. These drinks prove that even without alcohol, you can create soul-stirring drinks with the ingredients at home.