7 Berry Smoothies To Enjoy Summer At Its Best
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Everyone gets excited when seeing the bright-coloured berries on the table. The lush bright hues of red, pink, blue, green, purple and orange please the soul and evoke a sense of pleasure like no other seasonal fruit can do. While looking at these berries, one can recall the cherished memories of summer holidays when going foraging with friends or parents and collecting different kinds of berries was the most awaited summer activity.

Even after growing up, no one can ever forget these moments of joy that flash before eyes after looking at berries. Just like this, there are several other reasons why berries are a beloved Summer produce. Summer berries like strawberries, blueberries, mulberry, raspberry, blackberry, cherry, and so on are loaded with various essential nutrients that are required during this season. More than that, these berries are extremely versatile and can be made into various dishes, either cold or hot.

If you also love eating berries in summer, make it more fun by creating these delicious and refreshing berry smoothies.

Try These 7 Berry Smoothies For Summer

1) Strawberry Smoothie

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When talking about summertime treats, strawberry comes first and foremost. The sweet and tart flavours of strawberries, when blended in creamy milk and mixed with honey create a symphony of overwhelming flavours that leaves one craving more.

2) BlackBerry Smoothie

The succulent blackberries with their deep, strong, and earthy undertones melded with juicy and tasty flavours packed inside the little pearls giving a sense of euphoria. Melding these hard-to-describe flavours with the soothing creaminess of milk and sweetness creates a dark purple-coloured drink which makes it hard to resist.

3) Raspberry Smoothie

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The perfectly pink shade of raspberries creates the most joyous sight that tingles the body and sparkles the eyes. This drink is a special summer treat which is made by blending together bananas and raspberries along with creamy milk creating a health-packed treat that also pleases the mind.

4) Mulberry Smoothie

Mulberries come in various shades and are significantly larger than other berries. Different shades of mulberries also have different tastes and sizes. But in every way, these fruits are a perfect addition to summer special smoothies decorated with fresh herbs and also go well with yoghurt.

5) Blueberry Smoothie

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No matter how many times you’ve eaten blueberries, you can never get bored of it. From pies to shakes, blueberries create a delightful addition to summer special treats that one can never get enough of. If you want to make savouring blueberries more refreshing, make cooling smoothies out of them and you’ll surely love it.

6) Cherry Smoothie

More than just being a garnishing on top, cherries are a delicious fruit in themselves that can make a Summer special treat by themselves. The sweet and tart flavours of these berries are a banger when it gets blended in savoury yoghurt, soothing banana and flavourful nuts along with creamy milk.

7) Elderberry Smoothie

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The perfect balance of sweet, tart and earthy nodes makes elderberry one of the best fruity delicacies of the season. It also induces a floral fragrance which makes it irresistible to eat. You can pair elderberries with other berry smoothies for an added layer of tartness and earthiness, and you can also include it in the form of syrup rather than whole berries. 

When you're enjoying these delicious smoothies for Summer day treats, don't forget to top it with your favourite ice creams to add more fun. From children to adults, everyone in your family will indulge in the deliciously refreshing flavours of these smoothies and make it a cherished Summer memory too!