6 Kitchen Tips With Salt You Didn't Know About
Image Credit: Pexels

Na and Cl are the two elements that make up salt. When combined, they produce sodium chloride, the familiar and beloved salt. The human bodies are conditioned to seek salt because it requires sodium to survive. 

NaCl is also a fantastic team player, bringing out the best in every dish's other flavours. It's enough to suggest that living without salt would be challenging and undoubtedly blander.

Even though everyone knows what salt is, people are not always sure which kind to use at what time, including the fact that salt can be used for different purposes besides cooking. Aside from types, salt goes beyond that; salt can be used for kitchen functions. 

Did you know it can make ice cream creamier? Explore kitchen tips that can make your life easier and more functional. Let salt be your best friend outside of cooking as well. Keep reading!

Six Salt Hacks To Explore Aside Cooking

1. Freshens Breath  

Did you know a pinch of salt on a wet toothbrush can temporarily neutralise bad breath? It doesn't have to be a lot. A pinch enough to bear with taste would do. The salt's mild antibacterial properties may help combat some odour-causing bacteria. Remember, this is not a substitute for regular brushing and flossing. Also, it is essential to maintain good oral hygiene with proper products and not hacks.

2. DIY Salt Scrub

Salt was previously used as a homemade body scrub. To use it, you simply need to mix a teaspoon of grain sea salt with olive oil. The salt's abrasive nature helps buff away dead skin cells, revealing smoother skin. However, one should be gentle during application. Also, avoid using this scrub on sensitive areas like your face or around the eyes. You can customise this scrub by adding essential oils or other natural ingredients.

3. Repel Unwanted Guests 

Are you tired of ants or slugs around houseplants? Make a natural barrier with salt to deter these crawling insects. Add a ring base to your plants. Salt disrupts the movement of these insects and can also dehydrate them. Ensure that you are only using salt outside the salt, as adding it to soil can severely harm the plant. 

4. Conquer Stuck Lids 

Struggling with a jar lid that refuses to budge? A little salt can be your secret hack when clothes are not working. Dampen a cloth and dip it in salt, creating a slightly abrasive surface. Use this cloth to rub around the rim of the lid. The increased friction will give you a better grip on the lid. This simple trick can save you the frustration of wrestling with stubborn lids and damaging tools.

5. Clean Makeup Brushes 

Salt can be helpful when you are cleaning your makeup brushes. Soak your brushes in warm water with a teaspoon of salt for 15 minutes. The salt helps loosen and remove makeup residue and bacteria that can build up over time, leaving your brushes clean and hygienic. Ensure to clean and dry thoroughly, and salt is abrasive to the skin. 

6. Deodorize Cutting Boards 

Cutting boards can trap lingering odours of meat and veggies. To freshen them up, sprinkle salt over the board and scrub with a lemon half. The salt absorbs odours, while the lemon's acidity is a natural disinfectant. It is a good option to clean when detergent is not enough to make the odour go away. 

Salt is useful in more than one way. It is the key ingredient to a happy kitchen. Along with these hacks, you can also experiment with other types of salts made from essential oils. All these salts have similar alkaline properties, which can be used in different ways.