7 Delicious Non-Veg Burgers You Can Try At Home 2022

  • Aanchal Mathur
  • January 11, 2022

Picture a thick and juicy patty sandwiched between sift, crumbly lightly toasted buns along with some mayonnaise, and a mix of sweet and tangy sauces. Aren’t you slurping thinking about your favourite burger already? Burgers have definitely come a long way across the world. Speaking of India itself, we have so many restaurants dedicatedly serving only burgers with a variety of delicious spins. We've dared to try different breads, patties, toppings, sauces and even accompaniments. Afterall, burger is one dish you just can’t say no to. It’s a whole meal in itself, and no matter If you have picky eater at home or are simply bored of eating same regular dishes, a simple burger will never fail to impress you.  

And while we love the Mcdonalds and Burger Kings of the world, making it athome allows you to experiment to your heart’s content. And making a burger at home can be as easy as you want your burger to be. As a hard core non-vegetarian, I honestly love meat-based burgers. So keeping that in mind, for all the meat lovers, we’ve got a list of burger recipes you can try.  

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4.913 Rating

Chicken And Zucchini Corn Burgers

5.016 Rating

BBQ Bacon Turkey Burgers

4.811 Rating

BBQ Bang Bang Burger

4.311 Rating

Avocado Chicken Burgers

4.924 Rating

Blackened Salmon Burgers With BLT Slaw

5.013 Rating

Cheesy Tuna Burgers


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