Zareen Khan Relished Paratha, Omelette & More On Her Birthday
Image Credit: Zareen Khan/ Instagram

Zareen Khan recently shared a sneak peek into her birthday celebration in Kashmir. It was all about a luxurious stay, scenic view, and of course, good food. The actor shared a few images proving that she had a wonderful celebration surrounded by lush greenery and books.

The caption of the pictures on Instagram read, “Had the most amazing stay Frozen fall by Palwasha.” Born on May 14, 1987, Zareen Khan has been sharing her experience of visiting Kashmir, also referred to as the Paradise on Earth. Here is a look at all she ate in Tanmarg, a town in the Baramulla district.


The first thing that will catch your eye will be crispy and nutty cookies. The spread looked heavenly with brown cookies grabbing all the eyeballs. They were stacked on the top plate in a circular pattern.


While Zareen Khan’s fans might think that she is into fitness, however, the actor enjoyed her stay in Kashmir to the fullest. Her spread included three triangular pieces of what looked like aloo paratha. They were served alongside a bowl of mixed pickles. 

Image Credit: Zareen Khan/ Instagram


As a part of the hearty meal, the actor also had an omelette. It was made with tomatoes and onions cooked along with eggs. It appears wholesome and oh-so-delicious. 

Toast And Butter

The actor was also served toast and butter, a perfect addition to the breakfast and a fulfilling dish to begin the day. Toast and butter is an ultimate combo that you can eat on the go or prepare in the morning if you seem to be running late for work. 

Dry Fruits

The spread also included a bowl of dry fruits, including almonds and walnuts. Even on vacation Zareen Khan made sure to have a balanced meal - a good mix of carbohydrates, protein, calories, and sweets.  

Not just Tanmarg, Zareen’s entire trip to Kashmir was about soaking in the beauty of Kashmir and enjoying food. She shared a reel in May 2024 in which she showed people how to drink hot tea. She poured some tea into the saucer, blew it to cool it, and drank it, just like many children in India are taught to drink hot tea without burning their mouths. 

In Srinagar, the actor stayed in a lavish place and enjoyed her time along with the food. In the reel, she can be seen showcasing to her fans what to expect from their stay at StayVista. A small part of that shows Zareen enjoying a hot cup of coffee and a sandwich.