There’s no dearth of street food variety in India. Be it whichever state or place, be it the samosa to dahi Bhalla to phucka to variety of chaat to chole bhature to ghughnee, litti chokha one can be spoil for choices. So, bringing al flavours on the same table Radisson Gurugram Udyog Vihar along with Desi Connoisseurs run by Maneesh Srivastava and Vickrham Vicky organised Zaika Galiyon Ka - street food across India is a food festival. 

Desi Connoisseurs say “ we all love eating street food and everyone has their own set of favourites. Our whole idea behind doing the street food festival “ Zaika Galiyon ka “ is to give our guests the chance to relish the same at the comfort of 5 Star and enjoy without facing the hustle-bustle and scorching heat of summer!

Ghughnee/ Pic-Maneesh Srivastava 


The festival sees flavours from Bihar, Bengal, UP, Delhi, Mathura, Lucknow and Benaras. Dishes like chaat, tamatar ki chaat, samosa chaat, chole, ghughnee, litti chokha, dhushka, vada pao, pao bhaji are the most popular dishes. And the same has been included in the festival along with some variety of rice dishes in that one can gorge in the main course. The festival also sees multiple live counters that enables you to  enjoy different kinds of street food at one go!

GM Namit Vijh Says - the idea behind this festival is to give people street food which they relish, while we take care of hygiene and cleanliness. also those people who can go on street and eat can come to five star hotel and enjoy the same taste which we get on street. There is no compromise when it comes to taste and flavour. It’s time to say goodbye to foodborne illness this summer and gorge on the impeccable taste Radisson Gurugram Udyog Vihar has to offer!

Here's an interesting recipe of Taash Ke kebab

Taash kebab 


 This non vegetarian kebab that sees an Iranian roots, Taash kebab are made from chicken/ mutton pieces which are marinated with lemon juice and other spices. The blend of warming spices that gently mixes with cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cloves and cumin gives a beautiful aroma to these kebabs. 

Taash Ke kebab


    1kg mutton – boneless , thich slices

    Garlic – 20gms

    Ginger – 20gms

    Onion – 300gms sliced

    Green chilli  - 6-7 peel and de seeded

    Red chilli – 4-5

    Whole coriander  - 2 spoon 

    Cumin (Zeera) – 1 spoon 

    Cardamom – 4

    Cloves – 6

    Black Cardamom (Badi elachi)– 4

    Bay leaf  - 5-6

    Mustard oil – 300gm 

    Nutmeg – 2

    Cinnamon (Dal chini)  - 2 sticks

    Salt – According to taste

    Haldi  - 2 Table Spoon 

Garam masala powder  - 2 Table Spoon 


    Mix all the ingredients and keep aside for 2 hours

    In a pan, pour mustard oil , pinch of hing and transfer the marinated mutton. Place on slow heat and cook till are tender 

    Now take 200 gms chuda( poha) and fry it in a separate pan with little oil

    Serve the taash ke kebab with chuda by mixing all of it together.