7 Interesting Varieties Of Pulao For Weekend Meals

Weekends are always meant to be celebrated. We either go out to party or enjoy some delicious food at home with friends and family. Cooking for our loved ones is always a pleasure and we put a lot of effort into it. However, it becomes a tough task when you have invited over a lot of people. In this situation we often look for simple one-pot dishes that are easy to make along with being delicious and pulao perfectly fits into these criteria. 

Also known as pilaf, it is said to have a Persian origin and can be cooked in plenty of ways. Made by combining rice (mainly basmati) with ghee and several aromatic spices and herbs, there are many versions of this dish, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. So, if you are planning to treat your family with a special meal this weekend, here are seven interesting varieties of pulao you can prepare at home. 

Pineapple Pulao

This fruity version of pulao is similar to your regular matar pulao. Best served with pickle and raita, pineapple pulao is perfect for a wholesome vegetarian meal. This exotic and mouth-watering dish goes well for both lunch and dinner. The main ingredients of this dish are boiled rice, pineapple juice, onion, curry powder and pineapple tidbits. 

Zafrani Pulao 

This rich and creamy version of pulao is perfect for a weekend meal. It is made by cooking rice with saffron infused milk, ghee and spices like cloves and cardamom. Zafrani pulao is also flavoured with nuts and dry fruits such as raisins, almonds and cashews. It is mildly sweet and served hot with a drizzle of ghee. 

Methi Pulao 

Also known as fenugreek, methi is a staple ingredient in Indian kitchens that is used to flavour a variety of dishes. Made with basmati rice, ghee, tomato puree, mint leaves, fenugreek seeds and a variety of spices like cumin seeds, cloves and bay leaves, it is very easy to cook. You can serve methi pulao with raita or pickle. 

Paneer Pulao 

Paneer is a go-to dish for all vegetarians. Loaded with protein, it is used in a variety of dishes. It is fragrant, mildly spiced and can go well for both lunch and dinner. The main ingredients of this pulao are basmati rice, onions, ground pulao masala, spices and paneer chunks.  

Zarda Pulao 

This is a special dish from Hyderabad that is served as a dessert in Eid and other Muslim occasions. Also known as meethe chawal, it is delicious in taste along with being bright and colourful. This sweet rice is made with basmati rice, sugar, cardamom, cinnamon and garnished with dry fruits, khoya and saffron.  

Chicken Pulao 

This pulao is a must try for all non-veg lovers. Chicken pulao can be a perfect alternative to an elaborate family dinner. Made with succulent chicken, basmati rice, yoghurt and aromatic spices like red chilli powder, garam masala and cinnamon, this one pot dish can satisfy all your cravings. It has a rich and spicy taste and can be enjoyed with some pickles. 

Basanti Pulao 

This is a traditional Bengali pulao that is simple to prepare but tastes extremely delicious. Made with basmati rice and fresh spices, it has a rich flavour. Besides the basic ingredients like ghee, basmati rice, spices and dry fruits, saffron is also an essential part of basanti pulao. It is mainly prepared on special occasions like Pohela Baishak, Durga Puja and parties.