Yummy Cookies Cut Out For You: 5 Unique Shapes And Flavours
Image Credit: Cookies can have various shapes.

While we all wolf down cookies in less than a minute these days, they took a lot of time and patience to be baked back in the 14th century. It is believed that the word "cookie" is an anglicised version of the Dutch koekjes, which were the precursors of cookies. Did you know that biscuits and cookies are two different things? While people often use them synonymously, the word "cookie" has an American touch to it, as it was from there that it was popularised in the rest of Europe.

The English still refer to the twice-baked delights as biscuits, and the word "cookie" is used sparingly. With experimentation in the Middle East and the Muslim conquest of Spain, the charm of these cookies spread over time, and what was once savoury became a sweet little bite. Now, not only do we have a wide range of sweet cookies available but also diverse shapes in which they can be cut out. We even get cookie cutters that are shaped after your favourite cartoon characters, like Mickey Mouse, Winnie-the-Pooh, and so on.

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Here are a few cut-out cookies you can make at home with the help of cookie cutters.

1.  Star Cookies

These cookies are packed with the flavour of the famous holiday drink, eggnog. Along with baking soda, all-purpose flour, nutmeg, butter, and sugar, eggnog is added to the mixture too. This cookie dough is kneaded pretty well, after which cookie cutters can be used to give it a star shape. Enjoy with a dash of blue sprinkles for a pop of color.

2.   Rectangle Cookies

Because of their shape, these cookies resemble teatime biscuits, but they are so full of flavour and crunch that you can scarf down a few in no time The chocolate chips and melted chocolate are added to the cookie dough, which is then cut out into rectangles. These are then baked till they turn light brown and served hot with a sprinkle of chocolate chips.

3.   Heart-Shaped Cookies

Did you know that these cookies would make you feel like you were having red velvet cake? Oh, yes, you read that right. And, since they're red, what better shape to cut them out of than hearts? Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to give them a great shape, and then bake them properly. Top them with buttercream frosting if you like.

4.   Gingerbread Man Cookies

If cookies are one of your kids’ favourite things, these gingerbread-shaped ones will get them all excited. Shaped like a gingerbread man, the cookie dough is made with all the regular cookie ingredients and packed with ginger, cinnamon, and cloves for that sweet and spicy flavour. You can add the gingerbread man's smile and eyes later with frosting.

5.   Cut-Out Kitty Cookies

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All animal lovers will utter "purrfect" once they see these cookies. Shaped like cute little kittens, the cookies have a chocolate chip base that gives a great frame to the kitty cookies. Chocolate shavings can also be used for the kitty's moustache, eyes, and nose.