Your Personal Guide To Cuttack's Dahibara
Image Credit: Instagram @sskodishaunicorn

Cuttack is the oldest city of Odisha, situated between the rivers Mahanadi and Kathjodi along both sides. This city is famous for its rich heritage, history, art, culture, brotherhood and most importantly, its food. One of the most famous delicacies of Cuttack is Dahibara. The name Dahibara consists of two words Dahi which means curd and Bara which means savoury doughnuts. Dahibara is basically a variant of Dahi Vada. The dish is prepared by soaking the Bara in light Dahi and adding Aludum (aloo dum) and Guguni (matar sabzi) topped with chutneys and seu (Sev). People also call it Dahibara Aludum so that it is not confused with Dahi Vada. Asking for extra Seu and Dahi Pani after eating Dahibara is a very common practice of the people of Odisha. You can find the Dahibara stalls in almost every part of the Cuttack city or someone taking Dahibara Handis in their cycle and selling it around the city. Dahibara is a spicy dish rich in flavours; however, nowadays, you can also find meetha (sweet) bara in addition to the traditional savoury bara. This gives a khatta meetha chat like taste to it. People generally eat Dahibara as their breakfast, but it is also consumed as a snack around any time of the day. Below are the top 5 places you must visit in Cuttack if you want to taste the best Dahibara and Aloodum: 

1- Raghu Dahibara near Bidanashi Chowk- Raghu Bhai's Dahibara is the most famous Dahibara of the Cuttack. Many food bloggers who pass by the city of Cuttack never miss a chance to taste his Dahibara. He is known as the oldest seller of Dahibara in the town. Though Raghu Bhai doesn't sell Dahibara himself anymore, the legacy is being taken forward in his name by his heirs. 

2- Ishwar Dahibara near Biju Patnaik Chowk- Ishwar Dahibara adds his own essence to the history of Dahibara of Cuttack. He is one of the first who started selling the meetha bara in the city.