Your Guide To The Best Lassi In Delhi
Image Credit: Instagram/cookwithvarshika

Winter has officially withdrawn its shadows and the sun has been shining. It’s the season for everything cold—especially desi drinks. Lassi is probably one of India’s favourite summer drinks alongside nimbu pani and jaljeera. With cold yogurt and nut toppings, it’s a quintessential cooler and inducer of naps. We pick the five best places for lassi in Delhi. 


Hidden away in UPSC Lane off Shahjahan Road is some of the best lassi in Delhi. A tiny stall next to the ones selling pav bhaji and fruit chaat serves lassi in kulhads (clay cups). The lassi here is thick, creamy and refreshing, and is topped with rose syrup and chopped nuts.

Bille Di Hatti

Known for its chhole puri, Bille Di Hatti also excels at lassi. The lassi comes in a tall glass and can be topped with malai or had plain as per your preference. If you’re having a lassi after eating the tasty chhole puri here, make sure to take some time out for a nap.

Amritsari Lassi Wala

A hole-in-the-wall located in Chowk Fatehpuri in Chandni Chowk, Amritsari Lassi Wala is probably one of Delhi’s most popular lassi shops. Made in true Punjabi style, the lassi here is frothy and comes in a range of flavours like mango, strawberry, banana, kesar and badaam.

Hemchand Ladli Prasad Mishthan Bhandar

Another Chandni Chowk gem, Hemchand Ladli Prasad Mishthan Bhandar is known for its lassi that’s churned by hand. Made in true old-school style lassi at this shop has been flowing freely for over 80 years. The place also doubles as a sweet shop, serving milk cake and barfi.

Meghraj and Sons

Known for its barfi made in desi ghee, Meghraj and Sons has been around for more than 80 years. Their lassi makes a great addition to the mithai and comes in flavours like rose badaam, kesar badaam and even namkeen. Find the place in Chowk Fatehpuri in Chandi Chowk.